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Rico Nasty’s Experimental New Singles

Rico Nasty has teased her newest project Las Ruinas with the release of four new singles. The song titles are as followed: “Black Punk,” “Jungle,” “Skullflower,” and lastly, “Blow Me.”

“Black Punk” 

“Black Punk” is the third single off Rico Nasty‘s forthcoming mixtape Las Ruinas. The hardcore trap metal banger released in mid June, merges the unique blend of punk and rap. In the track Rico embraces her gothic clothing style and unapologetic attitude.

Notably, her loud and aggressive delivery is what makes the rapper special. The short and sweet single incorporates her usual braggadocious and aggressive lyrics. 

“Rocking the latest, your bitch love my fashion

Credit card limitless, bitch, ain’t no maxin’

Smoke out the pound, if you shoppin’, I’m taxin’

None of these bitches in my bracket”

Rico Nasty thinks outside of the box as far as her clothing style and makeup. She experiments with all fashion including grunge, goth, skin tight and baggy clothing and colorful hair and outfits. She does not follow stereotypical ideas of “femininity,” instead she embraces her individual music and fashion style, and that is what makes her sexy. 

Importantly, she hints toward violence against a man in the song. She raps if he acts stupid she “might have to smack.” This type of violence is unacceptable and unprogressive and she should be held accountable. 


Fred Again “Jungle” feat Rico Nasty

The popular British producer Fred again… recruits Rico for the remix of “Jungle.” This single features a sample from Elley Duhé’s “Immortal,” record from 2017. Despite the EDM track “Jungle” being upbeat, the lyrics are dark. 

“Ain’t no love in this jungle

Ain’t no loving in me.”

The lyrics play on the rapper’s cold and violent persona she embraces in her music. 

“Skull Flower” dropped on 7/11 

However, Rico’s carefree persona is not just an act she puts on in her music. With that being said, Rico is disinterested in the criticism of her music. Fans have expressed a dislike for the third single “Skullflower” off her mixtape. Sonically, the track is different from Rico’s usual hardcore trap metal hits. The chaotic pop beat and high pitched vocals make it difficult for some to listen to. Rico reacts with a tweet saying, “I’m not tryna go number one. I’m just making music that I like again. If you don’t get it. Then don’t. I’m not about to waste my entire career pleasing people, that’s not what I’m here for. I hope you respect that.”


“Blow Me”

Finally, “Blow Me” is the fourth single from Rico Nasty which was released on July 18th. In this track the rapper adopts a chill flow over this trap beat, produced by Tank God & Avedon. In the music video she sports different outfits runway walking with her recognizable mullet hairstyle.

To learn more about Rico Nasty click the link below:

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