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Kelsea Ballerini Drops “LOVE IS A COWBOY” & Announces Album

Country pop artist Kelsea Ballerini released her latest single “LOVE IS A COWBOY,” and announced a forthcoming album.

“LOVE IS A COWBOY” Teases a New Album

Kelsea Ballerini is here! Back in April, the country star revealed the start of a new era with the new single “HEARTFIRST,” her first new song of the year since 2021’s “I Quit Drinking.” Fast forward to now, she’s giving us another track “LOVE IS A COWBOY,” but also announced that she has a new album coming. Subject To Change will be available on September 23.

Sharing the tracklist with the album announcement, we can observe that Subject To Change will have a total of 15 songs, and the two songs that we now recognize will form part of it. Other unreleased tracks that we have yet to hear include “THE LITTLE THINGS,” “MUSCLE MEMORY,” “UNIVERSE,” and “WALK IN THE PARK.” I can’t wait to listen to them all!

The good news is that for now, we can enjoy “LOVE IS A COWBOY.” The song is a slow-paced heartfelt ballad, in which Kelsea sings about her feelings toward a country boy. Nevertheless, she warns us to be careful when being around one – as they might still your heart! “Makes your heart feel like wild horses in your chest. Trying to catch, it’s like tryna tame a wild, wild west. And when I’m with him, it’s like ropin’ the wind. Love is a cowboy,” she sings in the chorus.

What Subject To Change Means to Kelsea

In a video announcing the album, Kelsea revealed how much it means to her. “In my younger years, the idea of change scared me. It had proven to be a faceless force that had patterned my past with uncertainty. Only in the gift of growth have I learned that that stark and constant juxtaposition of life, living happens… I’ve been searching somewhere between the broadness of the universe and simplicity of little things reflecting through wiser perspectives, leaning with body weight into matters of the heart and finding blissful acceptance in the inner cracks I once cursed that now let the light in to grow taller within myself. This is a season of becoming, healing, loving, dancing and feeling. And like everything, it is subject to change.”


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