Indigo De Souza Releases Sophomore Album “Any Shape You Take”

Indigo De Souza Takes the Shape of an Indie Rock Icon

Indigo De Souza’s lyrics reflect her emotions in their most unbridled state. It was clear on her debut album, I Love My Mom that she had a knack for penning cathartic and affecting garage jams, but she takes her songwriting skills to new heights on her sophomore record. On Any Shape You Take, De Souza sings of insecurity, love, lust, and loneliness with incredible emotional insight.

She Assures Us “It’s gonna be alright”

“Hold U,” her second single released from Any Shape You Take, is a standout track. It’s a tender earworm that celebrates love and community. “And I will hold you, I will hold you, oh-oh, I will hold you, I will hold you,” De Souza repeats as her voice warps and warbles. The way her voice vibrates creates a rich tone, reminiscent of fellow Asheville-based musician, Angel Olsen. As her voice glides across the twangy electric guitar, you feel fully embraced by the music, as if Indigo really is holding you. Her impassioned vocals carry a fragile strength. You can’t help but believe her as she repeats, “It’s gonna be alright”. 

De Souza Wants to Share Your Pain

Above all, Any Shape You Take is a masterclass in crafting cathartic rock songs. For the track “Real Pain,” De Souza asked fans to send in audio clips of them screaming. She repeats “going” over and over as fans screams stack upon each other, creating a wall of sound. The collective screaming grounds the song in the idea that regardless of what makes us different, pain is a universal experience. And as Indigo De Souza demonstrates throughout the entirety of the album, we don’t have to go through pain alone.


De Souza has a fairly localized following, but after releasing this incredible album, she is sure to gain widespread notoriety. She begins touring in support of Any Shape You Take on September 19. Click here to get tickets for a show near you.


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