Boys World Are Real-Life Mermaids on “Something in the Water”

TikTok’s favorite girl group Boys World are back with a new single. “Something in the Water” arrives as the follow-up to May’s “All Me.”

Boys World Share Their Dreamy New Song

Boys World have been working hard in the studio. Earlier this year, they shared their debut EP While You Were Out. With a total of 5 songs, it featured hits such as “Girlfriends” and “Wingman.” Only a month later, they dropped a new single “All Me,” which followed their unique colorful and sweet style. 

Now, they’re back with their newest track. “Something in the Water” is a cheerful tune that highlights the vocals of each of the group members flawlessly. They sing about having a big crush on someone and share that dreamy feeling through the song. “I’m not dead but this right here is heaven, just a little hotter. Yeah, I’m feeling good. I’m thinking that there might be something in the water,” they all sing together in the chorus.

They Are Becoming Popular in Other Countries!

During an interview with Nylon, the girls spoke about their inspiration for “Something in the Water.” Makhyli said, “We wanted to make a song that makes you feel good. It’s fun and you can play it when your top is down. We wanted a really good summer song you can play at the beach and we feel like ‘Something In The Water’ has that energy.”

They also talked about how since they released their debut EP While You Were Out, they have gotten attention in other countries. Queenie said, “To this day, radio stations in the Philippines play ‘Relapse’ every day. So, it’s nice knowing that people are moving onto the next and still appreciate the work we did before with ‘All Me’ and now ‘Something in the Water.’”

Olivia added, “It’s surreal. We worked on it when we got into the group and it’s been two years of work. It’s our first baby together. I love that everybody loved it.”

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