Remi Wolf is Electric on “Liquor Store”

Remi Wolf, 25-year-old rising pop artist, recently released her new single, “Liquor Store.” The track, which is the first off her forthcoming album, is an electric take on new-age pop. Of the funky, vivacious single, Remi says its release is like “shedding her skin.” “Liquor Store” is an absolutely infectious track with powerful lyrics and a collection of different instruments.

“Liquor Store” Details Remi Wolf’s Sobriety

The Californian artist shows off her powerful vocals and lyrical skills, as she co-wrote the song with Jared Solomon. Though the song sounds incredibly playful, its lyrics are personal to Remi. In the middle of the pandemic, the rising star decided to get sober, she admitted in a podcast. “Liquor Store” deals with the consequences of addiction and desire in a head-banging way. A plethora of instruments combine for a lively beat and compliment Remi Wolf’s vocals well.

Remi Gets Candid

“Liquor Store”, though certainly a great summer track, tells the story of addiction quite well. With lyrics like, “Liquor store, ’cause I want morе, carnivore / Eating my heart out, liquor store / ‘Causе I always want more”, we can see Remi struggles with sobriety and confidence in relationships. In an interview with Genius, Wolf gets candid about her obstacles. She says, “I wrote this song about my fear of abandonment and dependency on people and alcohol.” Though she has gained fame and fans, Remi tells us that she is still human, and still vulnerable as a celebrity. 

“Liquor Store” Music Video is Infectiously Fun

Remi released the accompanying music video for “Liquor Store” last week. With visuals akin to that of a kid’s show or bad trip, Wolf captivates her audience. Bright colors and playful scenery, combined with Remi’s awesome stage presence, make “Liquor Store” look like an ‘80s tribute – but in the best way possible. It’s hard to separate the song’s powerful lyrics from such a fun music video, but perhaps that’s the point. Remi shows us that we can appreciate our past struggles without being held down by them.


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