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Rauw Alejandro & Bizarrap Made It Big With “Bzrp Session 56” and “BABY HELLO”

First of all: what a duo! Rauw Alejandro is joined by Bizarrap for two tracks which we’ll probably hear a lot this summer. But let’s clarify.

The first one, “Rauw Alejandro: Bzrp Music Session 56.” is the last chapter of Bizarrap’s most famous saga. The new session comes on the heels of Bizarrap and Peso’s heartbreak corrido that hit No. 1 on the Billboard Global Excl. U.S. chart (dated June 17) and No. 5 on the Hot Latin Songs chart that same week. A lucky concept that has seen some huge latin artists like Shakira, Anuel AA, Nicky Jam, Quevedo and many others. And Rauw Alejandro is the last name that completes the list.

While “BABY HELLO,” instead, is the new single of GRAMMY AWARDS nominated superstar, and anticipates his new album, Playa Saturno. Also online is the videoclip of the song, directed by Martin Seipel and El Zorro, in which the artist unites terrestrial and extraterrestrials on the lunar surface, in an exciting and euphoric nocturnal atmosphere that reflects the energy of the song.What both tracks bring to us is an unprecedented Rauw Alejandro who sings on Bizzarap’s edm production in a surprisingly pleasant mix. We’re used to the Puerto-rican singer rapping on the classic 4/4 time of the reggaeton rhythm, but Bizzarap has decided to take him to a different direction. An experimentation that makes you dance and infects you with Rauw’s sincere lightness (he also sends kisses to his girl Rosalia).

There’s no doubt that these two tracks will compose summer 2k23’s soundtrack. It’s an easy shot. Because the two have already shown what they’re capable of, and if you put them together… Well, you know what’s gonna happen next.

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