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Imagine Dragons Release New Version of ‘Symphony’

On Friday, June 23rd, Imagine Dragons teamed up with the Los Angeles Inner City Youth Orchestra to release “Symphony.” The track is the group’s first collaboration with Coke Studio. As it is also a dream come true to work with a band like Imagine Dragons, the members of the Orchestra told Discover Music, “Music can transform the minds and lives of young people and our Collision song for Coke Studio was an opportunity to create a unique collaboration and musical experience. It was amazing to work with Imagine Dragons and produce this beautiful piece of music for all to enjoy.” The song itself follows the protagonist as he reflects on life, realizing he has always focused on himself. With this realization, he compares life to a symphony while also telling others to show their love while they still can.   

The song is part of the band’s new album Mercury, the band’s sixth studio album. It came out on July 1st, 2022. The album manages to capture their unique style and sound while also being a double album with brand-new music. The release of “Symphony” came after the announcement of the band’s top single “Thunder.” The song recently reached more than two million views on YouTube. It was also second in line to “Believer” in reaching a two million view milestone. 

As the band is Grammy Award-winning, they have also accumulated $66 million dollars in album sales, 55 million in digital singles, and 110 billion streams on various platforms. They also have earned four RIAA Diamond singles for “Radioactive,” “Believer,” “Demons,” and “Thunder.” According to Broadway World, they are “one of only four bands ever to achieve simultaneous Top 5 singles at Alternative radio, and the only band to repeat this feat.” Recently, they started a new tour on June 22nd. Hopefully, the band will continue to reach new heights with their music.

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