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Priya Ragu Announces Debut Album With “Kamali”

Artist on the rise Priya Ragu released her latest single “Kamali” and announced that her debut album will be arriving in September.

Priya Stays True to Her Roots

Priya Ragu always stays true to her roots and traditions in her music, and “Kamali” is not different. The song and video explore the story of Suganthi; a single mother living in a small village in India raising her daughter, Kamali. It’s inspired by a short film of the same name by director Sasha Rainbow, who also directed the music video. 

“A few years ago someone sent me the link to the short movie ‘Kamali’. I was immediately inspired,” Priya shares. “I was so moved by her story that I sent it to Japhna straight away and told him to watch it. A day later he called me up saying how he wrote a song with tears in his eyes… ‘Kamali’.

She continues, “Growing up, we look at the world with curiosity and envision infinite possibilities without any limitation. For a lot of us, these possibilities and dreams get blurry by the way the roles of men and women are dealt out. It is culturally rooted in ancient traditions where we are only good enough to become wives and mothers. This still exists! I want to speak to all the Kamalis in the world to think bigger than that. To look further than that.”

damnshestamin is Out on September 3!

Before “Kamali” came out, she shared the news on her Instagram. “This is the most pure and sacred work that I have ever put out into the world. I’ve carried it within me for a very long time until I found a way to translate it into these songs. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

“Kamali” plays a part as the fourth single that Priya has released of her debut album so far. The LP, titled damnshestamil, will feature a total of 10 songs including “Good Love 2.0,” “Chicken Lemon Rice,” and “Forgot About.” Expect it on September 3!

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