Tinashe Steps Up on “Bouncin”

Tinashe shows off her incredible vocals once again on her new single, “Bouncin”. Overtop a lively beat, she offers light falsettos and clever lyrics. The artist seems to be stepping into her own, as she is finally free from her former label, RCA Records.

“Bouncin” Is Perfect For Clubbing

“Bouncin” has all the makings of club music – provocative lyrics, a smooth, techno-laden beat, and effortless vocals. Tinashe’s high register is on display, and that alone absolutely demands multiple listens. However, underneath such airy falsettos is a lower, seductive sound that draws the listener in. Tinashe has been a vocal feminist throughout her career, and the lyrics of “Bouncin” are no different. She croons, “Cuban links / All the gold on my neck / Shining brighter than a spotlight / Might intimidate ya”. She does not shy away from her accomplishments – she lets her fans know that is is perfectly okay to boast about hard-earned success. It’s obvious that Tinashe does not care about who she intimidates; in fact she prefers it that way.

“Bouncin” Music Video Just Released

After a poll on Twitter, Tinashe has released the accompanying music video for “Bouncin”. Not only can she sing, but she can dance just as well. Featuring some provocative dance moves and fire outfits, the music video is the perfect match for such a unique single.


Tinashe Cannot Miss

After becoming an independent artist, it seems the 28-year-old cannot miss. Recently, she collaborated with fellow Californian Buddy for “Pasadena”, which made waves on social media. She also appeared on Rejjie Snow’s “Disco Pantz”, a groovy, feel-good track. Fans have been absolutely eating her new tracks up, and for good reason. Not only is Tinashe an incredible vocalist, but she writes and produces her songs – a talent that not many artists have. Her new music has been the subject of much debate among fans. They are divided over whether or not she has entered her “hyperpop” era, or is simply delving into other genres. Whatever the consensus, her music is always a surefire hit.

Tinashe has also been teasing her upcoming album on Twitter, supposedly titled 333. Whether or not the album will include “hyperpop” songs or old-fashioned R&B it is sure to be a hit.

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