Priya Ragu’s “Forgot About” Is The Song You Need

Priya Ragu is an artist on-the-rise. The alternative pop star released her latest single, “Forgot About,” only three months after the release of “Chicken Lemon Rice.”

“Forgot About” Proves Third Times The Charm

Priya Ragu might only have three singles out, but she’s proving that’s enough to gain popularity. Her last single, “Chicken Lemon Rice,” has accumulated almost 500,000 views on Youtube. Her debut single, “Good Love 2.0,” has had the same success and is about to reach two million streams on Spotify. 

“Forgot About” is a chill R&B track that is certainly dissimilar from her first two singles, as this one is not as fun or danceable. The deeper, more meaningful song talks about an ex-lover – of whom Priya dedicates the song to. She expresses still being in love with that person, even after a year of them going their separate ways. “I think about you quite often. Wonder what you’ve been up to. Missing your laugh from time to time. Sometimes I re-read our convos. Just to be close to you. A bond so rare to find, so quick to lose,” she sings.

“The track is about being in love with that ‘forever’ person, who has feelings for you but it’s not quite love,” Priya explains to DIY Magazine. “It’s about being afraid of letting go because you know that you’ll never meet someone like this again in your lifetime – so you decide to carry them always in your heart.”

Priya’s Exciting New Project… And Tour!

Priya also just landed her first big collaboration project. She will be featured on Jungle’s forthcoming third album, Loving In Stereo, which is set to release in August. The song she is on will be called “Goodbye My Love” and she will be one out of only two artists that will offer their vocals on the record.

Alongside “Forgot About,” Priya Ragu announced that she will be touring in Europe this coming November. The Wavy Tour will offer nine dates in six different countries including The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Belgium, France, and Switzerland. So, if you’re in Europe, make sure to check her out! You can look at her announcement here.

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