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Princess Nokia Drops Lost-Love Single “closure”

Princess Nokia recently dropped her new Valentine’s Day single “closure,” alongside a brand new music video. The 30 year-old afro-punk singer has welcomed the holiday of love with a brand new single. She speaks on loving someone, even though the moment is over. Coming in at over 126,000 listeners, this pop-punk song is #5 in Princess Nokia’s discography. The Instagram announcement for “closure” says this:

Still from music video for 'closure.' in Princess Nokia's lost-love single

I hope it brings you all the feels on this horribly wretched day.

Excerpt from caption on Princess Nokia’s Instagram.

“I wrote you this album for my closure.”

After releasing her single “Diva” in October 2022, this latest drop from Princess Nokia reels us in with that familiar smooth flow and relaxed energy. After six months, fans can receive a little bit of closure as the warm melodies we know from Princess Nokia, erupts in “closure.” Even though the burst of guitar rifts, the artist looks back with respect and content. “Even with what happened I wouldn’t go back/ Love can last forever and I know that…You gave me a love that lasts a lifetime.” The final interlude of the song is a voicemail from who we can assume the album is about. Listening to the message, we better understand how hard it is to let someone go.

Hey, what’s up, Des’?
I just…
You know I figured out I was probably already blocked
I’ma keep callin’ and keep checkin’ forever
Forever and ever

Final interlude from latest drop “closure.”

The Start of Her New Project

Days after announcing “closure,” Destiny “Princess Nokia” releases new song “Complicated” in upcoming project. Almost right after, on February 22nd the star announced the official track list for “I Love You but This is Goodbye.” The current list for this new project is as follows:

  • closure
  • complicated
  • the fool
  • lo siento
  • angels & demons
  • thank you
  • happy

Coming out February 28th, the next drop on what Princess Nokia calls “…my 7 song love letter to myself,” is “lo siento.”

Closure is out on all platforms. “Watch it, stream it, love it, hate it.”–Princess Nokia.

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