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Pink Pantheress Drops Another Gem Ahead of Debut Album

Last Friday, 20-year-old breakout star Pink Pantheress released new music ahead of her album releasing later this month. “I must apologise” is the latest track from the up-and-coming artist that landed on our map via TikTok.

The England native takes inspiration from nostalgic sounds of the early ’90s and mixes it with the super trendy bedroom pop music we hear today. With her soft voice over deep UK house tracks, Pink Pantheress creates a sound truly unique to her aesthetic.

Pink Pantheress

In line with her previous tracks, “I must apologise” is a mysterious track that takes a slightly jazzy tone. Everything about the single is so different from modern music coming out right now. It’s fresh, catchy, and has great lyrics. We only wished the song was longer.

No Need To Apologize, Pink Pantheress 

The track talks through the emotional pain that lies can land you in. We’ve all lied before but sometimes we don’t know why, and Pink Pantheress explores that. This is the perfect single to get music fans’ attention right before her debut album. 

On October 15, Pink Pantheress will release her debut to hell with it that includes her viral TikTok tracks.

In 2021 alone, while attending university in London, she posted several songs to TikTok that went viral. these songs included “Break It Off ” and the super popular “Just for me”.

Describing her musical style as “new nostalgic,” Pink Pantheress is leading the pack on what music looks like for the future. Her soft vocals combined with some unsettling and dark lyrics are a perfect contrast for her genre-hopping style. 

As her first year in the limelight, she has huge potential to grow her sound and fanbase. This has been quite an eventful year and there’s more ahead to come for the TikTok star. For now, be on the lookout for her debut album coming this Friday.

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