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Peytan Porter Gets Real on “Why We Broke Up”

TikTok musician, Peytan Porter, released the music video to “Why We Broke Up” full of nostalgia and empty wine bottles.

TikTok musician, Peytan Porter, releases the music video to "Why We Broke Up" full of nostalgia and empty wine bottles. | Credit: Red Light Management
Credit: Red Light Management

“Why We Broke Up” by Peytan Porter

The music video for the mid-tempo “Why We Broke Up” sees Porter being confused and lost after a breakup. Even through the turmoil, the singer-songwriter captures the chaos perfectly visually and lyrically (with video producer Taylor Rasnick Brink and director Emma Kate Golden.) Shot after the CMA Fest, Porter herself was halfway through a difficult breakup and struggled to stay composed.

“The video gives a visual representation of how breakups can be confusing and disorienting, especially when the good parts of any relationship are easier to miss than the bad parts,” said Porter. “When we [Peytan Porter, Sam Bergeson and Smith Ahnquist] wrote this song, it was about a guy I dated in college, and college years are messy already, but I wanted the music video to capture the messy ups and down of letting something go that’s not good for you,” she recalled.

Porter’s back-and-forth thoughts are relatable, and her wafting vocals make the reality even harder. She lulls, “I remember thinkin’ / That I would never forget all the hell that you put me through /  But seein’ you tonight, all that comes to mind / Is kissin’ under stars on your hood, all the good times.”

Who is Peytan Porter?

The Georgia native is far from a beginner storyteller but offers fans a well-developed soundtrack to life. “That’s a common thread in the songs I write: I don’t play the victim well,” Porter says. “I’ve always been drawn to an empowered perspective that’s more rooted in self-awareness.” Maybe that comes from being the middle child in a family of three daughters, most times the mediator of the bunch.

The singer-songwriter has a knack for blending classic country storytelling with pop-savvy hooks. This sweet spot sees the 24-year-old in cahoots with respected Nashville veterans, and smart young pros have taken her underwing. (What was she doing in Nashville from Dawsonville, Georgia? Well, she moved there in 2016 to attend Lipscomb University.) Oh, and let’s not forget about Porter’s dynamic soprano vocal range!

In early 2021, Porter signed her first deal as a joint venture with Jody Williams Songs and Warner Chappell Music. Currently, she has a clear goal: making the most of her debut album, “In My Head.” In a statement, Porter says, “I finally get to share what I’ve been working on for the past five years,” she says. “I feel like these songs have helped me get through a lot during the past few seasons of my life.”

What do you think of Peytan Porter’s music video for “Why We Broke Up”? Let us know in the comments!

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