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Jackson Wang – ‘MAGIC MAN’ Album Review

Jackson Wang has just released his newest album, MAGIC MAN, and it marks his biggest, most impressive project yet.

Jackson Wang’s Latest Project

Hong Kong artist Jackson Wang is back with his latest album, MAGIC MAN. The 10-track album is Wang’s second full-length studio album. It follows the release of his 2019 debut album, MIRRORS and his many singles since then.

Jackson wang magic man album

MAGIC MAN is gritty, sexy, and mysterious. It’s full of rock-inspired instrumentals and English lyrics by Wang himself. The vocals would shock anyone who only knows rapper Jackson Wang from GOT7. Wang goes from low rasps to high falsettos.

Wang has also put on quite the productions for the three songs he gave music videos. “Blow,” directed by Daniel “Cloud” Campos, is a cinematic experience with its explosions, fantastic costumes, choreography, and set designs. “Cruel” is also a cinematic experience, but in a completely different way. With its storytelling, tension, and choreography that plays with the instrumentals and the narrative, the music video blows away anyone who watched it. Surreal “Blue” takes things in a different direction. A slower melody gives way to a slower music video pace.

Jackson wang blow


MAGIC MAN begins with “Blow.” This song starts off the album with a bang. “Blow” builds the tension throughout its verses and pre-choruses before releasing everything in the choruses. You can’t help but head-bang to it.

“Champagne Cool” is the perfect song for a 1920s club scene in a movie. With lyrics like “Smoke and mirrors and showbiz / It’s all fake, but it’s true” and “I take my troubles / With my bubbles and I keep my / Champagne cool,” the song embodies that shady, seedy 1920s feel.

“Drive It Like You Stole It” is reminiscent of 80s pop rock with its synths and repetitive chorus. In an interview with Vulture, Wang revealed that Prince was one of his inspirations. The lyric “little red Corvette” in “Drive It Like You Stole It” is a reference to Prince’s “Little Red Corvette.”

“Dopamine” slows the tension and calms the album down. As the 9th song, it begins to bring MAGIC MAN to a close. Wang sings about needing the relaxation he feels with someone who makes him happy.

“Blue” finishes off the album with its soft, yet powerful, instrumentals and dependable lyrics. Wang sings about having that person who you know you can depend on—the person who will always be there for you.

There is no doubt—MAGIC MAN definitely displays Jackson Wang’s versatility as an artist.

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