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John Legend Releases Eighth Album LEGEND



R&B hitmaker and grammy-winner John Legend finally released his highly anticipated eighth album, LEGEND on Friday, September 9th. The 24-track album contains a first and second Act, each containing 12 tracks. The brand new album is stacked with renowned feature artists Rick Ross, Jazmine Sullivan, Jhene Aiko, Ty Dolla $ign and more. This album, released via Republic Records, arrives two years after his previous LP Bigger Love, in June 2020. The LEGEND album brings new and old generation artists together for a mix of classic and modern R&B with hints of rap.


Firstly, the common themes in LEGEND are sex and intimacy. For example, on the opening track Rick Ross spills about romance and the “great sex” in his relationship. In “Rounds” Ross raps about spoiling his woman with rose petals, pink peacocks, big boats and a fireplace with scotch. Undoubtedly, the rapper’s cocky persona is in full effect. The rapper makes it known he is the richest, can compete with rap greats and if he and his girlfriend never crossed paths, she’d “be still in debt.” This can mean she is both financially and romantically in debt without him. 

“Love (feat. Jazmine Sullivan)”

Secondly, Jazmine Sullivan and John Legend showcase their unmatched vocal ranges on “Love.” In the track they sing about a toxic love that is glued by sexual pleasure. Legend and Sullivan are aware that the relationship is toxic, but they like it. “Why you gotta talk like that?/Why it gotta feel like that?/Every time I leave, I know I’m comin’ right back” The singers are in the thick of toxicity but know right now there’s no getting out. 

“Speak In Tongues” and “Spash”

Similarly, the tracks “Speak In Tongues (feat. Jada Kingdom),” and “Spash (feat. Jhene Aiko and Ty Dolla $ign)” go in detail about John Legend’s sex life . On “Speak In Tongues (feat. Jada Kingdom)” the duo sing about how the mutual understanding they have with their partners. Their connection is special; they even have their “own little language.” And on “Splash” Jhene Aiko takes control in the bedroom and Ty Dolla $ign and John Legend know just how to please their partner sexually. 

“Fate (feat. Amber Mark)”

Notably, John Legend and R&B singer Amber Mark compliment one another seamlessly on the ninth track of Act I, “Fate.” The R&B track contains an enticing chorus with smooth vocal contributions from both the musicians. They emphasize it is fate that they ended up in the bed together with their partner, and their bodies are perfectly in sync.  

Lastly, talented rappers Rapsody and J.I.D deliver lyrical verses on their collaborations with the “All Of Me” singer. Check out “The Other Ones (feat. Rapsody)” and “Dope (feat. J.I.D)” along with all the other tracks on LEGEND here

John Legend & Jason Derulo to Perform at “Side By Side” Benefit Concert

John Legend & Jason Derulo to Perform at “Side By Side” Benefit Concert

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