Parisalexa Rides Solo On single “Vroom”

Parisalexa is continuing to establish herself

Parisalexa has planted her roots in many places since her beginnings in Seattle, Washington.  The R&B pop artist really started taking her music career seriously after attending GRAMMY camp after high school.  Now, after a couple of EP’s and her 2020 debut album, 2 Real the artist has begun her new musical era.  The success of 2020’s Chocolate, the standout track from her album that year, and debut single …Better Than Being In Love for her new project has positioned Parisalexa towards the success she’s been working for.  With her new single Vroom, we see how she doesn’t need any passengers with her to get there.Parisalexa "Vroom" single cover

Vroom tells us to drive in our own lane

At just 22 Parisalexa is a young songwriter and producer showing the world how she “doesn’t need no tour guide.”  On Vroom, the second single from her upcoming EP Finishline she flaunts how she “can get from Point A to Point B without anybody else.”  However, it isn’t blind confidence.  Her effortless delivery of the song shows how she is candidly speaking her truth.  After all, at this point in her career, Parisalexa has already written songs that have made it to Rihanna and Ariana Grande and performed on NBC’s Songland.  Vroom can be looked at like a mantra.  She sings to being rightfully ambitious – while also showing a flawless vocal performance.  Sonically, the track has a well-delivered beat switch near the end that drives you off into the Californian desert.  It happily concludes the song – making you believe that what feels right is right.

Watch out for the artist’s next move

Parisalexa’s momentum is exciting to watch.  Seattle, the artist’s homesake, doesn’t exactly have a pronounced R&B scene.  Nonetheless, the Seattle Times has pointed out that she has penned for Wild Side singer Normani and was even commissioned for a Beyoncé track.  On top of her other previously mentioned accomplishments.  The music world is embracing Parisalexa and we can not wait to see how she channels it.  Look out for her Finishline EP in November, and follow the artist on Twitter and Instagram at @parisalexamusic.


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