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Paris Jackson Drops Female-Created Single ‘hit your knees’

Actress, singer, and model Paris Jackson has released her newest song, “hit your knees,” and it is the product of all-female creators.

“hit your knees”

Paris Jackson has released her third single for 2023—“hit your knees.” The song is a mix of grunge and alt-rock. It’s gritty and pulsating, and Jackson’s lower register compels and commands the song.

The lyrics in the chorus more than get these feelings across. “No relief and no reprieve / Obscenity just so diseased / Where is he when you hit your knees, your god, your god, your god?” Jackson sings earnestly and wildly in the tune of frustration and desperation.

Aside from the expected shots of Jackson singing and playing guitar to the lyrics, the music video is filled to the brim with religious imagery.

“hit your knees” is the creation of an all-female team. The production, lyrics, and guitar are all Paris Jackson’s and Linda Perry’s collaborative handiwork. Additionally, Jackson sang the background vocals. Meanwhile, Perry is credited as the recording engineer. She was also in charge of bass. Emilia Schmier took on the drums, Emily Lazar was the mastering engineer, and Beatriz Artola was the mixing engineer.

Interestingly, the song is partnered with the EqualizeHer organization. EqualizeHer works to support female creativity and encourages collaboration to do just that. Check out a video of Paris Jackson and Linda Perry discussing why an all-female creative team is so important here.

Paris Jackson and Her Music So Far

Paris Jackson is no stranger to music. Being the daughter of pop icon Michael Jackson, she’s been involved in the world of music, whether she was actively participating in it or not.

However, Paris Jackson eventually began to make a name for herself in the industry. This move came of her own volition and creations. In October of 2020, she released her first song, “let down.” “let down” came after Jackson signed with Republic Records. Only one month later, the artist dropped her debut album, wilted.

Since then, Paris Jackson has been steadily releasing singles every year. She also released her first EP, the lost ep, in 2022.

With such an iconic artist for a father, it’s more than heartwarming to see Jackson grow into her own musical voice.

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