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Paloma Faith Releases New Album “The Glorification of Sadness”

British actress and singer Paloma Faith has released her newest album, The Glorification of Sadness. This album is the singer’s sixth full-length album, and her first project since 2020’s Infinite Things. Spanning 17 tracks, the album is 52 minutes long.

In an Instagram post celebrating the album’s release, Faith spoke about how surreal and meaningful its release is. “The Glorification of Sadness is out in all of its messy, sad and hopeful glory. It’s no longer just an idea in my head,a file on my laptop, a date looming in the distance or a pain to be mined – it is something for you all to listen to and hopefully love and cherish.”

Paloma Faith 2023
Courtesy of Paloma Faith.

Faith has been releasing music since 2009, but has recently gained current traction thanks to TikTok. Her 2014 song, “Only Love Can Hurt Like This,” was circulating on the social media platform for a while, prompting Faith to release multiple versions of the song in 2022.

The Glorification of Sadness

Now, back with a full-length album, Paloma Faith takes her listeners on a journey of her divorce from two years ago. That journey has been carefully crafted and painstakingly created.

In an interview with People, Faith spoke about the purposeful order of the songs. “The whole thing documents the growth of my feelings during the stage of the grief,” she said. “So it starts with ‘Sweatpants.’ That was when I was still in the relationship and doubting whether it had a future. And then it ends with ‘Already Broken,’ which was a song written about speaking to a potential new love interest.”

Paloma Faith is performing on BBC Radio 2’s Piano Room today. In addition to taking the stage, she’ll also be answering fan questions. Be sure to catch her during the broadcast. You can also listen to the episode after the broadcast airs here.

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