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Maren Morris Covers Billy Idol’s ‘Dancing With Myself’

Maren Morris just released a cover of Billy Idol’s hit, “Dancing With Myself.” The new single is in honor of Single’s Awareness Day, the day after Valentine’s Day.

The song is the result of Morris’ partnership with Visible to celebrate their third annual Singles Awareness Day campaign. The all-digital wireless carrier company advertises itself as “the only wireless carrier to offer ‘family plan savings’ to single-line users.”

According to the same press statement, the singer-songwriter said, “I am so excited to partner with a company like Visible who prioritizes self-empowerment and independence for their mobile plans.” Morris continued, “Recording and filming the music video for my cover of Billy Idol’s ‘Dancing with Myself’ was such a dream come true and I hope fans can dance along while also knowing it’s okay to be in your feelings.”

Maren Morris’ Newest Music Video

Check out the official music video for “Dancing With Myself” below!

In a behind-the-scenes video, Morris added, “‘Dancing With Myself’ to me is about enjoying the pleasure of your own company and celebrating that and not stigmatizing it. And being righteously selfish. I think that more people should do that. I think you exist better to your loved ones when you prioritize yourself.”

This is Morris’ first release of 2024. Her last release of 2023 was the two-track EP The Bridge.

Instagram Statement

In an Instagram story, the singer-songwriter poured her heart out in a statement around the time of the song’s release. She said the following:

“Lately I’ve wondered if we truly ever get to be a ‘new’ version of ourselves. It seems too flighty a concept for me for some reason. Getting to say you’re a new person feels more like a lobotomy than self-growth (but then again, I’m a textbook over thinker). I buy more into the theory that we’re a blank page slowly getting colored in, and by the end of our lives, the page is fully finished. I have endured a lot of change this past year, but I still feel like I’m the same me, just more colored in. I’m weightless, unbound and glowing in my new hues.”

Regarding the song itself, she said:

“[“Dancing With Myself”] also captures where I am at right now; a little blue but a lot relieved. Dancing through my feelings and shaking off the expired layers that no longer strengthen me. It felt like the perfect backdrop for this moment: me getting to reclaim my town, surrounded by my favorite artist’s works, dancing up and down the vinyl aisles like I’m starring in High Fidelity. I think it was the first time I truly gave zero f—s while filming. I felt safe and worked out my stagnant grief and newfound hope with each take. It was a cathartic color I hadn’t seen in myself yet. Nothing scares me anymore.”

Addressing her fans directly, she added:

“I also hope this song keeps you fed while I focus on songwriting; I will say, what I’ve been writing these last several months has surprised the hell out of me and is igniting a pilot light in me I didn’t realize had been burned out for so long. I appreciate your patience and support while I process my new life surroundings in the songwriting crucible. It’ll be ready when it’s ready! I love and miss you all so much.”

Courtesy of Maren Morris’ Instagram
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