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P1Harmony Releases First Studio Album

Who is P1Harmony?

P1Harmony is a six-member Korean boy group from FNC Entertainment. Each member, like those in any other K-pop group, has a certain role. Keeho, Theo and Jiung are the vocalists of the group. Intak and the youngest member, Jongseob, are the designated rappers of P1Harmony. The last positions of the members are the dancers: Jongseob, Intak and Jiung. The leader, Keeho, speaks fluent English, as he is Canadian.

Everyone’s combined talents shine in P1Harmony. The genre the group goes for is hip-hop mixed with pop elements. Vocals and impressive raps balance each track. This group has been on the rise since debuting in 2020, and has since toured all across the world. Coming from a small company outside of the “Big 4” is difficult as it tends to mean they have to work twice as hard to get to the top. When you debut in the Big 4 companies, it guarantees success and fans flocking. P1Harmony grew from the bottom up, becoming a success story that follows groups such as ATEEZ (KQ Entertainment).

The members have been cranking out EP after EP, and the comeback this time is their first full-length project. Working previously with Pink Sweat$ and New Hope Club has proven their global dominance, along with selling out venues across the globe. P1Harmony currently sits at over a million followers on Spotify.

Courtesy of Composure Magazine

Title Track “Killin’ It” Review

“Killin’ It” is another upbeat song with a funky keyboard against an ethereal pre-chorus. The beat drop in the chorus is hard-hitting, explaining how the group kills it every time, as they are superstars. Each member takes a turn going in between rapping and bright vocals, showing the versatility of the group. It is a feel-good track that sounds similar to previous title tracks, following a formula of in-your-face music. One of my favorite parts of “Killin’ It” is Jongseob’s “2005” rap in the second verse because of how impressive his flow is. He says multiple words super quickly against an isolated instrument production.

The music video is a rollercoaster of visuals telling a story of them being heroes and being at the top of the world. They are on the cover of magazines because of their influence around the world. They’re also shown in different occupations. Some of those include a dentist, car cleaners and, overall, superstars. Anything they do will be influential. The music video shows this by having lasers come from Keeho and go all over the earth.

Best Tracks off of Killin’ It

Killin’ It by P1Harmony has no skips on the album. Every song was versatile and the group didn’t stick to one sound. The mixture of high-intensity songs and calmer tracks shows the group can tackle any genre given to them. “Late Night Calls” is a personal favorite because of the R&B inspiration in this track. Each member glistens in this song with beautiful vocals. In the production, it’s a mixture of guitar strums with claps similar to NewJeans’ “Ditto.” The song is about secret, late-night calls between a love interest and the members who just can’t get enough of them. This is shown in the pre-chorus, which in English, and, according to Genius, says, “Wandering ’round in my heart (I do). You’re on my mind all day (Oh). I miss your love. I stay up all night again tonight.”

Courtesy of KNIGHT V Magazine

A close second favorite is the song “2Nite.” It has a production with a heavy bass and a guitar that plays against the group’s soft vocals. The song perfectly leads into an explosive chorus. Keeho’s impressive range and Jongseob’s soft rap in the bridge are truly the highlights of this track. The song lyrics, according to Genius, in the chorus translate to, “Dance the night away with me (Yeah). Come out as you wish. Don’t be shy, just come in.” They want their love interest to be comfortable around them and have a good time. Let your insecurities go and join them to party.

P1Harmony’s Spotify

Below is P1Harmony’s newest album on Spotify. The ten-track album is their best project to date as they showed a diverse range of songs that are cohesive one after the other. FNC Entertainment and the members worked extra hard on this debut album and proved they are going to take over the K-pop scene as they get more recognition.

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