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On the New British Band English Teacher

Credit: NME

Getting their start back in 2020, the Leeds-based British band English Teacher has been making a name for themselves ever since. Especially with Lily Fontaine on the vocals, Lewis Whiting on the guitar, Douglas Frost on the drums and Nicholas Eden on the bass. Making music for two years straight as COVID restrictions started to ease in the United Kingdom, they released their first hit single, “R&B and Wallace,” in 2021. They signed to Nice Swan Recordings not too long after. All this took place while they racked up 20 gigs around the UK. Their music became more popular as time went by. 

Before starting English Teacher, the four members met back in 2018 at the Leeds College of Music. When inspiration struck, they played as the band FRANK before they found their official lineup as well as their new name. According to Last.FM Radio, Lily Fontaine said, “We all liked our English teachers at school. I think we really had crushes on them.” As their music grew, they have also played with more artists, such as Yellow Days and No Vacation. They also appeared alongside Sports Team on their first tour, also known as their Margate Coach Trip. 

As almost four years have passed, the band’s lyrics have become more politically charged with more catchy melodies. Their mission: have the audience stop and think about what they are saying. This came with the release of another hit song in 2022, “PolyAwkward,” and an EP of the same name. The band made NME’s 100 Essential New Artists for 2022 list.

 In January of this new year, the band finally announced the release of their debut album, This Could Be Texas. It’s set to release on April 12th of this year. Hopefully, the band will be revealing new music to the world’s ears. 

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