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NewJeans Are Controversial On “OMG”

K-Pop sensation NewJeans starts a refreshing and bubbly era with controversial tings on the bubbly “Ditto” and newest single, “OMG.”

K-Pop sensation NewJeans starts a refreshing and bubbly era with controversial tings on the bubbly "Ditto" and newest single, "OMG."
Courtesy of ADOR

“Ditto” By NewJeans

The “Attention” girl group settles for a high school academia aesthetic for their 2022/23 comeback with ADOR. (Finally, something that’s not heavy hip-hop or street style akin to so many other K-Pop groups.) Their sophomore era is effortless since Haerin, Minji, Hyein, Danielle and Hanni are still teenagers.

But teenagers are anything but simple-minded. This PinkPantheress-esque track leads the listener on a journey of battling feelings for a crush through an ominous yet cinematic music video. Even with the quirky yet systematic dancing, this pre-single captures the essence of what’s to come with “OMG” and other singles.

Heyin entrances the listener instantly with echoing, siren-like oohs. Then, Hanni’s soft voice pops along the minimal introduction, “Like you a little / Don’t want no riddle / 말해줘 say it back, oh, say it ditto.” The song is a mix of lightness and airy vocals with no grandiose high notes, only vibes. Each listen just gets better.

Many theories break down the music video’s hidden message, but this Twitter thread is probably the most comprehensive.

“OMG” By New Jeans

“OMG” furthers the storyline and is the official kick-off to the album. However, the storyline gets even more complex. And the relationship between the visuals of “Ditto” and “OMG” remains ambiguous. Or rather NewJean’s connection with Heeso, the camera girl from “Ditto.”

Treating the new release as an independent case, the NewJeans members are diagnosed with mental illnesses within a psychiatric facility. Heeso is also a patient who hallucinates NewJeans as popstars rather than fellow patients.

Thus, comes a cataclysmic track of bouncy hip-hop drums and percussion. “OMG” has exciting light R&B elements while switching between UK Garage and Trap rhythms. NewJeans has this knack for an unconventional trendy sound, but what ties it together are their undeniable charm, cute rabbit-eared hats, and great acting.

International viewers find the usage of mental health institutions insensitive, yet Korean netizens applaud NewJeans’s efforts. “Koreans already refrain from seeking psychiatric help, fearing that they may be stigmatized,” said Kwak Geum-joo, a professor of psychology at Seoul National University. “I’ve seen cases of patients who refuse to get insurance coverage, worrying how others might perceive them if that medical record is revealed. Or, they don’t seek help at all.”


What are your thoughts on NewJeans’s new music era and their latest single, “OMG”? Let us know in the comments!

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