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Orville Peck Debuts “Bronco” Setlist at Coachella

Orville Peck Runs Free on New Album Bronco

Orville Peck has released Bronco, a 15-track powerhouse of a sophomore album. It is the follow-up to his 2019 debut, Pony.

Back in 2020, the country-musician put out a 6-track EP, Show Pony. The horse-related titles are more than clever nods to Peck’s cowboy aesthetic. The titles clue fans into how different each album will be. Pony stayed true to Peck’s grunge roots and outlaw country inspirations. Show Pony took on a more country-pop sound, even featuring country-pop queen Shania Twain. This go-around, Bronco runs wild and free, at times embracing an earthy, folksy style both sonically and lyrically.

Album Highlights

The first lines of Orville Peck’s Bronco are ‘Buddy we got major blues.” It’s courtesy of the song “Daytona Sand.” It is an interesting choice for an album that holds more hope than Peck’s previous releases. Not to say that the cowboy crooner has completely dropped the brooding atmosphere that his fans hold dear. But instead, to suggest that this album expands far beyond the shoegaze tones and heartbroken crooning that dominated Pony. However, those in special need of cry-your-heart-out ballads are covered by “Let Me Drown” and “Kalahari Down.”

The most folksy of this new batch of tunes is ‘The Curse of the Blackened Eye.” It is a complete change from what we’ve heard from this artist before. The music landscape of this song is a looping path of easy-going, earthy vibes. Also within the range of folk on Bronco are “Hexie Mountains,” “City of Gold” and “Iris Rose.”

“Outta Time” welcomes us back into a more country-rock-aligned sound. In the same crowd are “Any Turn” and “Blush.” “C’mon Baby Cry” is the album’s most-streamed song on Spotify and it is immediately clear why upon first listen. This song has the classic Orville Peck sound. The chorus demands to be sung by all who listen and the singer’s crooning is at its most Peck-ish. Fans who prefer Pony to Show Pony should enjoy these songs the most.  As well as the barn stomper that is the title track, “Bronco.”

The final track on Bronco is “All I Can Say,” which features the vocals of Bria Salmena, Peck’s bandmate as well as the lead singer of punk band FRIGS. The song is a perfect send-off, backed by a soothing guitar lick and ending with Peck and Salemna singing, “For now, all I can say is goodbye.” A soulful and sorrowful end to a beautiful new contribution to modern country music.

Coachella’s Favorite Cowboy

This past weekend Peck made his Coachella debut, armed with the brand new album. He played a rigorous set and of course “Bronco.” Here’s the setlist:

C’mon Baby, Cry

Kalahari Down

Drive Me, Crazy

Dead of Night

Legends Never Die

A well rounded setlist, with the new tunes getting their chance to shine alongside his biggest hit “Dead of Night” and the pop single “Legends Never Die.” Here’s hoping the rest of music fesetival season has more Peck performances in store for his fans.

Orville Peck is a Soundtrack Superstar

Though he’s steadily taken the country music scene by storm, there are some listners who hadn’t heard of Peck until his song “Dead of Night” played on the HBO series Euphoria. If you’re in this demographic, you should know the masked man not only lends his popular songs to your favorite shows and films, but he writes original pieces for soundtracks as well. Netflix’s animated series Hilda is his first contribution in what will likely be many more to come.

You can purchase Orville Peck’s new album Bronco on his official merch site or listen to it on your favorite music streaming service.

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