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Florence + The Machine Announce Album And “My Love”

"Dance Fever" Album Cover By Autumn de Wilde

Florence + The Machine Announce Dance Fever

Florence Welch and her machine return with a new single and an announcement of their fifth studio album.  The album titled Dance Fever is “A fairytale in 14 songs” says Welch.  According to a press release the album takes inspiration from “what Florence missed most in the midst of lockdown – clubs, dancing at festivals, being in the whirl of movement and togetherness – and the hope of reunions to come.”  The artwork featuring her in front of a moon with flowers in her gorgeous, red, flowing hair is done by Autumn de Wilde.  Of which directed all of the recent music videos Florence + The Machine has released.  In addition to announcing the album, the act releases the project’s third single: “My Love.”  Altogether, creating a trio of songs including the previous releases “King” and “Heaven Is Here.

A How-To In Coping

“My Love” is a glimpse into how the pandemic affected Welch.  Her answer to the time-stopping event is to dance away the pain.  Further, she describes the song’s pairing of melancholic lyrics and energetic sonics on BBC Radio 1 by saying, “Sometimes the biggest dance songs, I think, have a really sad core to them.”  Producers on the track include Welch and Glass Animal’s, Dave Bayley.  Together, the two of them create a glittering, synth-heavy, dance track.  Originally, the song was written as a “sad little poem” but was later changed after being inspired by “what Florence missed most in the midst of lockdown – clubs, dancing at festivals.”

The music video accompanying the track sets Welch in a Great Gatsby-esque hall.  Here, she sings to a chilling crowd frozen in time.  Afraid, she dances around in anguish before the intensity eventually brings her to her knees.  The theme of the video follows that of the previous ones.  Altogether, Florence is telling her emotional story through her, and her dancers.

Florence + The Machine’s upcoming album, Dance Fever, is out May 13th.

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