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Armin van Buuren Remixes ‘Not Even Love’

On Instagram, van Buuren said, "Huge thanks to @illenium, @sevenlionsmusic & @asdismv for letting me remix ‘Not Even Love’.
Armin van Buuren | Spotify

As of Friday, June 21st, the well-known Dutch trance DJ, Armin van Buuren, released his remix of “Not Even Love.” The song was originally a collaboration made of other big EDM names, Seven Lions, ILLENIUM and ÁSDÍS. The track has become one of the most unique releases of the summer. It is a powerful blend of melodic dubstep and emotional lyrics, all mixed together into an energetic trance anthem by van Buuren himself. He enhances the emotional weight of the song. It’s perfect for summer parties and dancefloors alike, given its praise by fans around the world. 

Known for his radio show, A State of Trance, van Buuren is known to add something special to all of his tracks, innovating within the trance genre of EDM music. However, he already had so much to work with. Seven Lions and ILLENIUM created original melodic sensibilities and emotive soundscapes into the track. All that combined with the powerful lyrics of ÁSDÍS made it one of the top tracks in the genre. Back in 2021, Seven Lions and ILLENIUM collaborated on the hit song, “Rush Over Me.” “This track”Not Even Love” marked their second collaboration.

Commenting on Instagram, van Buuren said, “Feel the love! Huge thanks to @illenium, @sevenlionsmusic & @asdismv for letting me remix ‘Not Even Love’. Really loved the original and just had to give it my touch 🎧”

As the summer is just beginning, van Buuren has a big lineup of shows ahead, such as Tomorrowland and Ultra Europe. Most recently, the artist received his Ibiza residency. There, he will play all fall for EDM fans.

As for van Buuren’s remix, hopefully, it can become a hit song of the summer.

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