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Omeretta The Great: Atlanta’s Underrated Queen

Atlanta-proud rapper Omeretta The Great is determined to show the world her skill and expertise. Omeretta’s grind and resilience allows her to be in the limelight as both an influencer and rapper. With a sharp pen and nasty flow, Omeretta The Great has raw talent that real rap fans can appreciate. Not to mention, her strong Atlanta accent is just the cherry on top. She proves with patience and determination, you can achieve your wildest dreams–even when you come from nothing. 

Omeretta Goes Viral For “Sorry Not Sorry”

2022 was Omeretta’s introduction to many people, thanks to her viral hit “Sorry Not Sorry.” In the track she expresses strong opinions on the people that claim to be from Atlanta. As a true Atlanta-native Omeretta The Great grew up struggling and she’s very passionate on what it means to be from the city. “College Park is not Atlanta / Lithonia is not Atlanta / ClayCo is not Atlanta Decatur is not Atlanta,” she declares in the chorus.

Although, “Sorry Not Sorry” blew up fairly quick, Omeretta is not an overnight sensation. Currently, she has a following of 1.8 million on her Instagram account. She has fought for years behind the scenes for the respect and recognition she deserves as a rapper. Others know the rapper from her appearance on Love and Hip Hop. The reality show would allow Omeretta to blossom into a public figure and venture into her passion-rap. 

Being a dark skin woman in a colorist and male dominated rap industry, Omeretta’s talent has been overlooked. She doesn’t receive the same recognition as her female light skin counterparts. But, theres a reason why she continues to achieve virality time and time again. That is, her exceptional talent. Whether it’s her savage bars on “BABA” or her freestyling abilities on “WHO HARDER,” Omeretta focuses on the elements of rap that consider one to be a great.

No matter the music trends, or charting genres and styles, Omeretta sticks to her preferred methods. Her focus on lyricism and flow, makes her stand out among the rest. And the poise and self assurance she possesses, will transcend her into the mainstream sooner than later. 

‘Emotional Gangsta’

In fact, her November EP Emotional Gangsta contains a slew of hits. The project authenticates Omeretta’s roughness around the edges as well as her inner feelings and emotions. She remains genuine and true to herself and her musical styles. 


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On “Stand On It” Omeretta uses her signature trap 808 beat for an audacious and prideful boast. “They talkin bout Retta you cocky you think you all that / Cuz I walk with my nose up / B***h I’m the s**t ,” she spits with a confident delivery. Further, Omeretta flashes her unapologetic attitude in “Back To The Basics,” “Stop It,” “My Way” with Key Glock.” “My Way” remains the most-streamed track on Emotional Gangsta. Omeretta The Great has top tier cadences, aggressive lyrics and a laid back delivery.

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“Mr. Right”: From Viral Freestyle To Hit Song

However, she leaves space for vulnerability in tracks “Mr. Right” with Tink, “Traded On Me,” and “Gods Child.” “Mr. Right” began as a freestyle, racking up thousands of views. With the positive reception, Omeretta transformed the freestyle into an R&B and rap crossover hit.“Mr. Right” is a tough love anthem for those in relationships settling for less than they deserve. Many women in toxic relationships can resonate with the lyrics.

Although Omeretta is harsh with her advice, she has first-hand experience being in a toxic relationship. “I can speak heavy on this and can spot em right out / Cuz that stupid b***h used to be me / And I used to be goin through phones / Find all I want,” she pleadsOmerettà couldn’t trust her partner, but no matter their unfaithful ways, she was blinded by love. Now that Omeretta is removed from the toxic cycle, she offers her advice and knowledge. “We hold the weight we call the shots / Never forget being a woman is power / If he can’t stand in your face and be honest / Never forget that lil n***a a coward,” she raps. 

Omeretta Discloses Her Emotional Side

Atlanta-proud "Sorry Not Sorry" rapper Omeretta The Great is determined to show the world her skill and expertise.
Photo Credit: Instagram @omeretta

She writes about finding someone who treats her right, and grounds her in “Gods Child.” She battles a broken heart, as her loved one was taken to jail a few years ago. The rapper pleads to God for answers regarding her trauma and pain inflicted on her from a young age. “God why you make me grow up in the ghetto / Why you make my daddy die before the age of 3,” she asks God. Omeretta feels like “Gods Child” because despite her trials and tribulations she stands tall with grace and power. She feels exhausted, depressed, and isolates herself because of trust issues.

Though no one believed in her potential and saw her light, Omeretta always did. “I’m literally a legend like for real / The greatest the hardest the goat / I promise I will die up on that hill, “ she raps. Hence, why she names herself: Omeretta The Great. 


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