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Polo G Is Coldhearted On “My All”

Polo G returns with a coldhearted new single “My All” on December 9, giving us a taste of his upcoming album. Coproduced by Southside and CuBeatz, Polo stays true to his interchangeable yet sometimes repetitive, melodic flow. 

Polo G "My All" Music Video (Directed by Cole Bennett)
Polo G. Screenshot from Polo G- “My All” music video (Directed by Cole Bennett)

No More Relations For The Rapper

“My All” bears honesty and transparency about Polo’s past relationship. The rappers ex-lover left his heart shattered, even altering his views on relationships. He pleads that you cannot trust women, and solely wants intimacy instead of relationships. “No, I swear these h**s, you can’t trust ’em, baby, I don’t want relations, I’m just tryna f**k some / I’m just tryna drop a hit and make the club jump but I hate that I was too deep in so young,” Polo G raps. A side note: a common theme in music is males talking down on women as a whole, because one of their exes wronged them. And that’s exactly what Polo G does, but we can only hope he’ll learn from this and do better in the future.

Back to the point, young love leaves detrimental effects on people. Your first experience with love and heartbreak can be traumatizing. Especially for Polo G, who fell deeply for this person. He had the stomach butterflies and all. High on cloud nine from stomach butterflies, it’s when that rush come, I gave that ungrateful b**ch my all, that wasn’t enough, huh,” he writes on “My All.”

The Creative Visuals For “My All”

Notably, Polo G selects Cole Bennett as the director of his creative vision for the “My All” music video. From Polo G’s lens, we see his past relationship play out through flashbacks. From fights in the kitchen, to his ex moving out of the house, the rapper sits in a chair at the forefront, to direct us through these intimate scenes. Then, we see him cope with this heartbreak by engaging in meaningless sex with other women and recording music. With each transition, Polo moves along with the camera. Moreover, the music video brings the lyrics to life, and could arguably mark one of Polo G’s best visuals. 

Fans are awaiting the forthcoming album from the “RAPSTAR” musician. Hopefully he brings new ideas, flows, and collaborators for this project. 

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