Nova Miller is “Done” With All The Drama

Rising star Nova Miller is back with a new pop anthem. “Done” marks the singer’s second single of the year, and we are loving it.

Nova Moves on From the Nonsense on “Done”

“Done” arrives on the heels of Nova’s collaboration with Bankrol Hayden on “apricot skies,” released in August. Now, the star is back with her first solo single of the year, and she made sure to make her voice heard. In the new song, she talks about not wanting anything to do with all the girl drama and nonsense anymore. As a result, she wants to move on to bigger things.

“Tired of sayin’, “Sorry.” Pretendin’ I like this party. He just said, “Hi” and lost me. Baby, tired of always fakin’. Like I’m likin’ this conversation. Fuck it, I just can’t take it,” she sings in the catchy chorus.

The accompanying music video for the song features Nova being at a high school party, noticeably not enjoying it. The scene is set as she sings along while quietly judging people for still being immature, and involved in drama. Yet all the while, she seems happy to move on from all of that toxicity. 

The Song is Very Personal to Her

“During the pandemic, I was forced to be very honest with myself, and I think that’s how ‘done’ was made,” Nova tells HollywoodLife. “It just wrote itself. It’s about all those things I had to accept. A friend that I grew apart from, my poor relationship with my body image and food; my social anxiety, and being done caring about what people think.”

Celebrating the release of “Done” in her Instagram account, Nova shared more details about the song’s meaning to her. “This song is my most personal one out there yet. As I’ve told u guys I’ve struggled with my body and self-image for most of my life and writing this song has really helped me realize that I can’t keep going anymore …. I’m so done being sad about things that don’t matter.”

If you like this song, check out CXLOE’s newest single “New Trick.”

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