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NOAHFINNCE & Bears in Trees Drop New Single”No Point In Pretending (Song For Tour)”

British rock star NOAHFINNCE and English band Bears In Trees recently just released a pop rock banger—the creative track “No Point Pretending (Song For Tour).” This song is sure to get your head banging, so let’s check out this banger of a track and these rising artists together! 

Rising Rock Stars

NOAHFINNCE, the stage name for Noah Finn Adams, had his early start by posting covers on Instagram and Youtube. He would release his first original single, “Asthma Attack” in 2018, and since then he released 12 more incredible tracks! 

In addition to being a talented singer-songwriter, NOAHFINNCE also has dedicated much time to personal vlogging. To his continually growing fanbase on Instagram and TikTok, he has documented his entire journey of being a transgender man as well as many other LGBTQIA+ topics in addition to music. NOAHFINNCE has won the Vlogger of the Year Award from the Blogosphere Awards in 2022. 

Bears in Trees is a four-man rock band, citing Fall Out Boy, Walk The Moon, and The Wombats as musical inspirations. They have released 2 albums and 5 EPs since their inception in 2014. 

For NOAHFINNCE The Show Is Far From Ending…

“No Point Pretending (Song For Tour),” fittingly, sets the scene of a concert tour. Behind the catchy melody and energetic guitar work, the track discusses the experiences artists have with early fame. The infectious chorus highlights the conflicting decision artists face with either maturing past the early limelight, or continuing to sit in the glory of fame:

“The show is ending, I’m terrified to leave the stage / 

I guess it’s time to embrace it / 

To black out the fear that we’re facing.” 

“No Point Pretending (Song For Tour) is about feeling a bit lost in life and trying to unpack the fear of having to choose a path to follow. It’s about understanding the existential dizziness of freedom when you feel the clock ticking,” NOAHFINNCE said in a statement about the track. “Bears In Trees & I toured together in the past and are good friends now so when the idea of touring came up, the idea of writing a song together also came up!

“We thought it’d be a fun thing to do and we’re also planning on playing it together on tour! Also it was the first time either me or Bears In Trees had written a collaboration song like this so we were definitely in new territory. It was fun for me to write with a band since I’m used to writing all the instrumental parts myself so it was nice to see how other people write together — sonically this song is a good blend of both mine and Bears In Trees sound.

NOAHFINNCE has many things planned for 2023, including a new headline tour with Bears in Trees supporting them. To check out their future projects, click here! 

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