Nick Mono Releases Track “All that You Do”

19 year old indie artist, Nick Mono released a new bitter-sweet track, “All that You Do” on October 21, 2021. The project sounds as though Mono may have found some inspiration from an artist such as Frank Ocean. Some of the instrumental aspects sound similar to what can be heard on Ocean’s album Blonde. In fact, it states in a recent article by The Line of Best Fit that he made tracks on GarageBand inspired by Ocean, amongst a few other famous hip-hop artists.

Nick Mono Releases New Track & Feelings

After listening to this short song, it is clear that Mono is singing from the perspective of someone who is deeply in love. However, the lyrics indicate that the girl he is pouring his heart out to may feel differently than he does. For instance, “If you help me, then I could help you but you don’t see no point in spending a year on somebody ’cause our time is like money.” With that said, the girl he speaks to may or may not love him back. Regardless of her feelings, she doesn’t care to put her energy into the relationship as much as he does.

The girl’s reasoning could be from fear or vulnerability, as Mono addresses spending a year on somebody. That could imply that upcoming changes in her life might prevent the relationship from lasting. She may not want to pursue a serious relationship in the first place due to certain life circumstances. Either that, or she simply does not reciprocate his feeling and is using that as an excuse to reject him and let him down gently. Above all, he wants to be with her and is trying to figure out how they could make it work. But, she doesn’t seem to think that it’s worth her time and energy.


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