February 02, 2023



Beach Bunny Joins MARINA on “I Love You But I Love Me More”

MARINA’s New Single

Last week, MARINA released the single “I Love You But I Love Me More,” featuring the rock band Beach Bunny. Originally, the song is off her fifth studio album, “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land.” However, its re-release is a delicious surprise for longtime MARINA fans since she hardly explores outside her solo performances to collaborate with other artists. This era, the singer explores new soundscapes with special remixes, like Sofi Tukker on MARINA’s remix of “Venus Fly Trap.” Fans were shocked to see this surprise collaboration. And even Lili Trifilio, the lead singer of Beach Bunny, posted a sweet message via Twitter.

“I Love You But I Love Me More” Analysis

And, although the sound of “ILYBILMM” remains very similar to the original, Beach Bunny takes over the second verse. Surprisingly, MARINA’s distinct airy vocals don’t overshadow nor detract from Beach Bunny’s enticing tempo– it’s a perfect combination! The atmosphere is more thrumming, filled with hard-hitting drums very similar to the original sound–but enhanced! “ILYBILMM” is about the 35-year-old’s breakup with Clean Bandit’s frontman, Jack Patterson. The singer’s natural element is breathy falsettos, but she deepens her voice, full of authority, as she says, “You try to tell me that we’re so deep in love / Well, if we were, then why did we fuck it up?”

The addition of Beach Bunny’s angsty lyricism strengthens MARINA’s stance and individuality. Lili Trifilio, from Beach Bunny, takes over the second verse with a head voice similar to MARINA. However much of a soft melody her voice is, the punchy drums fill her words with venom “Sometimes I felt I was a part of your plan / You’re holding me while holding somebody else’s hand.”

Beach Bunny’s rock sound is a definite highlight and adds a humph to the preexisting production and electric guitar synth. The song’s original version already had a darker, thunderous momentum, but Beach Bunny makes and elevates this re-release. From background layering and rock instrumentation to the softly spoken outro, they feed off each other’s aesthetics to deliver this masterpiece. Together, they finish powerfully, “You’ve had your chance, and now you want more / You say you’ll ch-change, you say you’ll transform”.

What’s Next?

Currently, Beach Bunny is preparing for their new music era and has released their first single, “Oxygen” (out now!). MARINA is gearing up to start her nearly-sold-out tour to promote her fifth album, “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land.” Check out more ticket information here.

Do you enjoy this single just as much as we do? Let us know in the comments!


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