Julianna Joy’s New Track “BLOODRUNSOUT”

18 year old, new artist, Julianna Joy recently released a new catchy track called “BLOODRUNSOUT” on October 22, 2021. She also dropped a music video that includes her close friends and family.

Discovery Artist’s Julianna Joy’s New Track “BLOODRUNSOUT”

Joy is a young musician who is new to the music industry. She has about four years worth of musical content on her Youtube page with over 600 subscribers. However, on Spotify she contains just over 74,000 monthly listeners. Her song “Cherry Bomb” so far has over one million streams. Needless to say, Joy is slowly but surely finding success as a young and new artist. In other words, “BLOODRUNSOUT” is another track leading her in the right direction.

Inclusion of Family & Friends in “BLOODRUNSOUT” Video

Joy’s new track “BLOODRUNSOUT” is a catchy, upbeat song. She included happy videos of her family and friends. Living in the moment and appreciating life as it is appears to make up a good portion of the song’s meaning. As Joy states in the lyrics “We’ll keep practicing our breathing and our bleeding til’ the blood runs out.” With the inclusion of her family and friends and the lyrics combined, it’s clear that she appreciates having them in her life. “BLOODRUNSOUT” is a track that puts a clear emphasis on one valuing the people closest to them in their life.

Julianna Joy’s Future Releases

As a new artist, it is likely that Joy has many future releases to come throughout her musical career. In addition to where she currently stands, she holds a ton of potential to be discovered more. For instance, she is likely to gain more fans and possibly be discovered by other highly successful artists in the industry. Joy has been writing songs as early as 2014 so there is no doubt that she has recently achieved so many of her goals as a musician.

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