Nick Jonas Makes SNL Hosting Debut

Nick Jonas is certainly no stranger to being in the spotlight. Last night in SNL, he proved that he is not only a great singer and performer but a great comedian as well. Alongside performing his latest single, ‘Spaceman,’ he premiered a brand new song and starred in plenty of sketches all night long.

The Jonas Brothers Are Still Together

The show started with a funny appearance by Kevin Jonas. He asked his brother if the Jonas Brothers were still a band, now that he started doing solo projects again. To this, Nick responded, “Yes, don’t worry we are still together.” This was the perfect way to start the night, as some fans were wondering if Nick’s solo album was the beginning of the Jonas Brothers breaking up. So, don’t worry people, the Jonas Brothers are still together!

After that funny entrance, Nick showed us what he could do in plenty of different sketches throughout the night. Starting with a work-out sketch where he performed as a trainer/coach, to leaving his wife home for the night where she uses the time to watch crime shows, to a hilarious Cinderella sketch where he acted like the Prince who turned out to be a little disoriented from the night he supposedly met her, he definitely took a good laugh out of us.

After acting in all of those funny sketches, he explained how happy he was to be back performing on stage. His performance of ‘Spaceman’ was amazing, and the lighting effects were really cool as well. Take a look at it down below!

Nick Premieres a New Song

After a few more sketches, it was time for Nick to premiere his new song, ‘This is Heaven’. The single has a different vibe than what he’s done in the past, but it sounds amazing. It has some choir playing in the background which gives the song the perfect touch to fit the lyrics. Make sure to save it on your playlist this coming Thursday! It will be available on all platforms starting March 4th. When his performance was over, the singer-songwriter left us wanting more after those performances since both songs are so catchy. 

The night ended with Nick acting in one last sketch. In it, he takes the part of a handsome man going to a bar for the first time since lockdown started, where he meets a girl in the same situation as him. After attempts of flirting turn out very awkward, the pair manage to dance together where they reveal they like each other. Even after they reveal each other’s names, Suzanne Johnson and John Suzanneson.

Thank you, Nick, for an amazing night full of laughs and incredible new music!

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