Greta Van Fleet Tackle Live Music on New “Heat Above”

Since their start, Greta Van Fleet have been the ultimate live band. Whether it’s their classic rock sound or their immaculate stage presence, performing live is part of who they are.


Greta Van Fleet Made Live Music For Fans Stuck At Home

The Grammy-winning four-piece haven’t been able to play live on a stage in front of adoring fans in a while. (This global pandemic we are living through has hindered doing such for any and all bands.) Greta Van Fleet isn’t letting that fully stop them though. 


While working on their upcoming sophomore album, the Michigan natives had concerts in mind. Creating a song that is dynamic enough to fill a room is everything to them. Therefore, they recorded a live version of their latest single, “Heat Above.” The live version of this song has a level of grace and a new kind of grit as compared to the studio recording.


“Heat Above” is a powerful, anthemic track that is made complete with both playful moments and serene melodies. Having the band perform it live, even for just a music video release, makes complete sense. Live music is who they are and fans deserve to hear what the band had in mind for those on-stage moments.


In a press release, the group dives into that understanding. “‘Heat Above’ is theatrical, eloquent, and exaggerated. This is a dream in the clouds, a moment of peace in the storm.  Thematically, we are dead center in the cult of Heaven, surreal, strange, alive and free.” 


The newly released music video for “Heat Above (Live)” captures the magic of a Greta Van Fleet concert. Strobe lights, passion, 1970s-esque fashion, and authenticity are seen and felt even through a screen.


Here Comes The Battle At Garden’s Gate

This single, as well as their forthcoming 12-track album, The Battle At Garden’s Gate, still reflect their artistry. Although, there is an obvious change in their demeanour as people who are putting out this music. 


No longer are these the musicians Led Zeppelin clones, but rather wholly their own performers and creators. Evolution is a part of life and all four members of Greta Van Fleet leaned comfortably into that this time around. After experiencing life and travelling the globe, it’s only natural that their eclectic sound mimics that worldliness.


“We realized that while growing up, we had been shielded by many things,” explains drummer Danny Wagner in a press release. “As we started to travel a lot, meet new and different people and experience different cultures, our definition of ‘normal’ changed.” 


Sam Kiszka, Greta Van Fleet’s bassist, mirrors that sentiment. “I suppose that everything has changed except what got us here in the first place…our perception of the world, perception of life itself, what it means to be an artist, what it means to be part of a beautiful, gorgeous society. We’ve gained a larger understanding of why we’re all here.”

The Battle at Garden’s Gate is out April 16 and features the stellar single “Heat Above.”

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