Niall Horan Teases Long-Awaited Collab with Anne Marie

Niall Horan and Anne-Marie are dropping a song together. Yes, it’s the same song they’ve been hinting at for almost three months. Also, yes, we are just as excited as we were when the song was just a blip on our radar. 


Coming Soon: “Our Song”

On Friday, May 21, Niall Horan is releasing his collaboration with Anne-Marie. The two stars are not just individually talented, but are adorable friends. Anne-Marie is a English singer-songwriter and massive success. She has a collaborative background, too, having released songs with artists including Sean Paul and Clean Bandit.

Although, it was her debut studio album that truly put her name on the map having worked with Marshmello and David Guetta on it. The pop meets EDM blend she creates is Flawless.

For Niall Horan, though, his Irish-based background is a bit more singer-songwriter. The former One Direction member has an ear for pop music, a love of rock and a talent for storytelling. By combining all of this, he has turned into a wonderfully mainstream soft rock popstar. 

While that sounds confusing, you’ve heard enough of his songs to appreciate what he’s up to. He, himself, has had a fantastic run of collaborations since going solo in 2016. Almost all of them have been with ridiculously talented female musicians! Niall Horan has collaborated with Maren Morris, Julia Michaels, and Ashe. 


For Anne-Marie, working with Niall is maybe a bit out of her comfort zone. He’s a little more singer-songwriter than her previous collabs or personal releases. However, Anne-Marie is right in Niall Horan’s wheelhouse. She is a powerful female star with a sophistication that adds to the simplicity of his music-making. 


Their upcoming single, “Our Song,” is out this Friday, we have some expectations – just like their individual fanbases do. Luckily, all of Niall Horan and Anne-Marie’s teasing has paid off. How? Because they’ve given quite a few tidbit, hints, spoilers, and clips of “Our Song” to the masses.


TikTok Teasers Galore

Social media can be frustrating. It’s known as a highlight reel for a reason: people post what they want you to see. For Niall Horan and Anne-Marie, what they want to post are teasing snippets of their new single. Doing so for theirhighly anticipated collaboration only stirred the pot for their fandoms and the industry alike. That being said, with the song just a few days from releasing, we’re ready to talk about what we know thus far. 


Anne-Marie posted a video on TikTok to her 4.2 million followers with a few seconds of the soon-to-be hit song in the background. As she runs through a field, sings along, and dances, the track plays. The lyrics we get to hear are the following: “Every time I think I can get you out my head, you never ever let me forget…. Because just when I think you’re gone, I hear your song on the radio.”


For Niall Horan, he has posted a series of videos of himself playing the piano on Instagram. These unnamed clips are light and bouncy, while still being wholesome. As he dumps photos and videos onto the platform, there seem to be hints at what the music is going to sound like. He’s seen holding a red bass guitar, sitting by a massive synth, and playing his piano, of course. His handy acoustic guitar is pictured all around, as well.


“Our” Thoughts About The Niall Horan and Anne-Marie Release

Combining what we know from social media, the song sounds like it is going to be an electronic take on soft rock. Anne-Marie’s soprano vocals mixed with Niall’s gritty ones are sure to be the perfect match. As they ponder about how to move on from someone (possibly in the spotlight like the two of them), they break their own hearts all over again. 


There’s clear musicality and passion within this song. Both artists are pushing it immensely online and are excited for its May 21 release. Photos and video clips show a pink-haired Anne-Marie and an elegantly dressed Niall in a vintage, luxury car. Driving through fields, singing their song – “Our Song” –  adds to the possibility of this being a love song… Or Break up song… Or a romantic storytale with a not-so-happy ending. We’ll have to wait until Friday to find out!

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