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“Never Learn” is Good Boy Daisy’s Latest Banger

Well, it’s official: “Never Learn” is Good Boy Daisy’s greatest release to date. Granted, the alternative pop duo have only released two songs into the world. Also granted, they’re both smash hits that shouldn’t even be pitted against each other.


Getting to Know GBD

Good Boy Daisy is composed of twin sisters Hallie and Dylinn Mayes. The pop rock partnership is reminiscent of the early days of Aly & AJ. Another set of sisters who, although not twins, let their chemistry as family turn into chemistry as bandmates. (Just like the Jonas Brothers and HAIM.)


The Mayes sisters told Substream Magazine that they grew up listening to grunge rock from the 1990s. That influence, courtesy of their father, was strong. It helped the two girls connect to not just themselves, but the music.


They also told Substream that making music together, on stage or off, is “fairly easy.” “It’s amazing to see how our chemistry is,” Hallie explained. By listening to their new single, “Never Learn,” fans get further into that amazingness.


Together, Good Boy Daisy, are cooking up modern sounds for a new generation of rock fans. Rock is no longer just about headbanging drum beats or slick guitar riffs. It’s about intertwining talented musicians, producers, and writers to create a rocking, but still melodic, sound.


The producer of both Good Boy Daisy singles is Nick Anderson from millennial alt. rock heroes, The Wrecks. Anderson is the frontman and vocalist for the band, but a producer outside of it. He has produced songs for the likes of Hoodie Allen, Run River North, and The Used. 


His latest work with the Mayes twins is some of his best yet, as well. He took two pop rock tracks and made them sound gritty and authentic, but also astronomically dreamy. 


“Never Learn” is Good Boy Daisy’s Second Song, But First Collab

For their first single, “Grey,” Anderson just produced the song. He dabbled in the studio alongside Good Boy Daisy and made the song what it is. (Furthermore, it was with his help that the November 2020 release quickly made many year-end lists – including NPR’s.)


Now, “Never Learn” is Good Boy Daisy’s first collaboration, because Anderson has a feature on it. “Never Learn” by Good Boy Daisy features The Wrecks. This is no small feat for a rising alternative band. Anderson’s vocal addition on the second verse drives the rock influence – that the sister’s already had – home.


Hallie also spoke up in a press release for the song’s debut about the soon-to-be hit. “Never Learn is a roller coaster of a song. At first unsure of where it’s going, then yelling with your hands up, and just when you think it’s over the ride starts again, but backwards!””


Good Boy Daisy have a huge career ahead of them if their sophomore single features their beloved rock producer. Not to mention that “Never Learn” is Good Boy Daisy’s most momentous release yet, mainly because of their own talent.

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