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NCT 127 Drop Their 5th Full-Length Album “Fact Check”

Kpop boy group NCT 127 has just dropped their 5th full-length album, 'Fact Check,' along with the several videos for the title track with the same name.

NCT 127 Tell Haters to “Check the Facts”

NCT 127 have just released their newest album, Fact Check. Fact Check is their 5th LP since their debut in 2016. It’s a mixture of hits and misses, as well as some songs that instantly bring to mind other pieces in their existing discography. Let’s do a brief overview of each song…

A Breakdown of Each Fact Check Song

“Fact Check”

First is “Fact Check.” The title track and the opener of the album, “Fact Check” ends up somewhere in the middle ground of 127’s other title tracks. The song is filled with a dance track, synth loops, thumping beats and is Afrobeats-inspired. It’s a song for the haters, reminding them to check the facts and see just how well NCT 127 does in the industry.

According to E. Cha at Soompi, Taeyong created some of the choreography for the song. Aside from the music video, the group also released a performance video, as well as their live stage performing the song at A Night of Festival.


Next, “Space” is a simple, chill song. There’s not much to say about the second song on the album aside from hearing rapper Mark’s vocals in the second verse, the disembodied-sounding voice saying “space” in every chorus and the seemingly never-ending saxophone.


“Parade” follows up “Space” with its fast pace, yet laid-back party vibes. This is mostly due to the small amount of instrumentation. There aren’t any unlikable parts in the song, per se, but there aren’t any parts that particularly stand out either. Aside from, of course, just hearing some of your favorite idols rap and sing something new.

“Angle Eyes”

Then, we have “Angel Eyes,” the pop-rock, feel-good song. It has a light feeling, thanks to the uplifting instrumentation and melody. The song really embraces that brighter alt-rock/pop-rock feel.

For the songwriting, both Taeyong and Mark participated in the process and are credited as such.


Next up is the 5th song: “Yacht.” For listeners who have heard 127’s previous discography, specifically, Favorite, their 3rd repackaged album, the song is basically “Pilot,” which isn’t a bad thing. Both songs are super chill and breezy. The songs differ when “Yacht” tries to incorporate beach vibes, referencing ocean-related and yacht-related things.

“Pilot” is about being in love and wanting to sweep someone off their feet, like a pilot in an airplane. “Yacht” is about relating falling in love to seeing “that perfect ocean view.” The similarities in meaning, instrumentation and sound are there. Nevertheless, “Yacht” is a fun song, and if it’s not broken, why fix it?

“Je Ne Sais Quoi”

Now, some Kpop songs really just miss the mark and only have one or two redeeming qualities that keep it queued on a playlist. “Je Ne Sais Quoi” is one of those songs. The first verse and pre-chorus create a typical, yet effective suspenseful build-up. Unfortunately, the chorus is unable to reach that build-up, never mind resolve it. This is more than disappointing, as the chorus certainly has potential, but the barebones instrumentation and the low bass bring it down. The bass is so soft it’s more of an atmospheric tool than an actual bass, and it does not work well.

The pre-chorus is the best part of the song, which doesn’t usually say much, but when a song so badly fails to satisfy, it seems important to point out. Overall, “Je Ne Sais Quoi” is definitely trying to be cool. It’s attempting to imitate some of 127’s other attitude-filled, rap-heavy songs, such as “Lemonade,” where there is also little instrumentation during the chorus. However, “Je Ne Sais Quoi” just doesn’t have it.

nct 127 'fact check' concept photo
Credit: SM Entertainment
“Love is a beauty”

Thankfully, the last three songs on Fact Check feel like the saviors of the LP. Starting with track seven, “Love is a beauty” is a slow, pretty love song with hints of R&B soul. It’s simple and sweet, and there isn’t much to say other than that. (Though, hearing everyone’s softer vocals in this song is very noteworthy). In contrast to “Space” and “Parade,” not saying much for this song doesn’t imply that it’s merely passable. Rather, “Love is a beauty” exceeds expectations.

Also, Taeil, Taeyong and Mark are credited as lyricists for this song, which will put another feather in their fans’ caps. NCTzens love their multi-talented kings.


“Misty,” the penultimate song, is a straight-up ballad. It’s full of incredibly sad yet pretty instrumentation and vocals. “Misty” wins the award for prettiest song on the album. It’s interesting, as “sad” and “pretty” aren’t usually NCT 127’s sounds. They’re known for pop R&B, house music and what the Kpop community labels as “noise music.” Regardless, the prettiness in “Misty” still deserves to be acknowledged.

Rappers Mark and Taeyong also participated in the songwriting for this song.

“Real Life”

Finally, “Real Life” closes out Fact Check. “Real Life” has that last song feel. It’s somewhat reminiscent of “Promise You,” not necessarily in sound, but in structure. Both songs have similar equations for what makes them songs. There’s a relaxed pace, beautiful vocals, quality instrumentation, some light-hearted raps and a definite feeling of closure. It’s the perfect way to end the album.

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