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BLACKPINK’s JENNIE Drops Dance-Pop Revival, ‘You and Me’

Finally, the next part of JENNIE’s solo endeavors has been uncovered with the double release of “You and Me” on October 6th.

A First Look Into JENNIE’s Next Chapter

Jennie "You and Me"
Courtesy of Interscope Records

In a deliciously mesmerizing dance-pop revival, “You and Me” tacks on another point towards JENNIE’s amazing artistry, both inside and outside of BLACKPINK. And to top it all off, it’s a double release that surpasses any of our dreams and expectations.

“You and Me” is accompanied by both a dance production video, as well as a special Coachella version. The latter comes as a reimagined rendition of Blackpink’s 2023 Coachella set, with JENNIE coming in hot with a rap closing out the track. Both releases showcase the dreamy song in different lights. Yet, they work together to satiate fans who have been patiently awaiting JENNIE’s next solo project since her 2018 debut, “Solo.”

This new song is in a realm of its own. It hosts all of the classic qualities of an old-fashioned pop hit, while incorporating new elements that are unique to JENNIE and Blackpink. “You and Me” sets her apart, while also pridefully portraying her roots with Blackpink. To add on, the dance performance video gives an even deeper look into the world that “You and Me” creates. It’s iconic in a variety of ways. Accompanied by a host of backup dancers, JENNIE stuns in her Sailor Moon-esque outfit and hairstyle. She captures the audience and ensures that all eyes are on her. It’s the perfect video to pair with the song’s release, supplementing the fierce and alluring track with captivating visuals. Like always, everything from the dance production to the color palette to the smooth-spoken lyrics is on point.

Both releases are an exciting look into this next step for JENNIE. Between singing, rapping, dancing, acting and being a fashion influencer, there’s only one question left to ask: What can’t JENNIE do?

Check out the dance performance video down below!

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