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​Music Rediscovery – Mazie’s Debut Album, “blotter baby”

Photo of Mazie

We’ve been big fans of Mazie ever since she released her 2021 mixtape, ‘the rainbow cassette’. Now, she has dropped her debut album, blotter baby on February 24th. And if we liked her before, then we love her now.

Mazie’s Making Her Debut

There’s something about finding artists before they blow up that brings such pride and admiration for fans. Mazie has maintained a relatively small, but loyal fanbase over her years as an artist. With ‘blotter baby,’ I feel that sense of pride more than ever before. She has created such a whimsical, light-hearted album that encapsulates the very essence of Mazie. From her cottage-core, fairyesque appearance to her psychedelic cover art, Mazie has a brand and she sells it with every note of her voice. blotter baby is a fantastic representation of what Mazie brings to the table.

One of my favorite things that an artist can do is create a world with the power of their voice. Mazie is one of those artists that has perfected this craft. If you look only at the cover art for “blotter baby,” you can begin to immerse yourself in her world. Dive in head-first into a world of seismic vocals and blinding light. Sink into plushy lyrics, surround yourself with angelic harmonies. Everywhere you look, color. That’s Mazie’s specialty, after all.

Breaking Down blotter baby

Let’s dive into blotter baby. For a debut album, it’s insane that Mazie has been able to incorporate the staples of a well-established artist into 10 tracks. One of the tracks I want to highlight is “girls just wanna have sex.” This track provides the gritty alternative to the psychedelic, 70’s pop vibe that is carried throughout the album. It shares the raunchy, rock style of “i look good,” a track you stumble upon later on. “girls just wanna have sex” is all about empowerment and femininity, placed strategically between the poppier, harmonic “give up!” and the slow-burn “somebody to lose.” The latter is easily my favorite track off the album. The lyricism keeps it simple and relatable while cushioned between a great bass and ethereal vocals. This is a trend that you’ll find scattered throughout.

There’s so much depth to uncover in blotter baby. If you want something carefree and childlike, then “dumb dumb” is the track for you. If you want that Lana-adjacent trip to dreamville, check out “life is a long goodbye.” If Lana is the queen of sultry, mature lyricism, then mazie is her younger, more innocent counterpart.

Check out the entire album down below, and let us know what your favorite track is off of blotter baby!

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