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Mazie’s cutesy EP “the rainbow cassette,” and what is really behind it

Mazie’s look at her rainbow worldMazie's "rainbow cassette"

Mazie’s “the rainbow cassette” instantly crescendoes you into a fairytale bubblegum fantasy from the beginning with its title track.  Playful piano’s and kiddish backup vocals trickle throughout mazie’s debut EP like sprinkles on a cupcake.  Produced with the help of her longtime friend Elie Jay Rizk, “the rainbow cassette” gave me visions of artists like Lily Allen and Melanie Martinez.  Mazie and these artists both have utilized a kind of light-hearted take on subjects that might be a little dark.

A cassette of juxtapositions

Reminiscent of “Fuck You” by Lily Allen,  mazie’s second single off the EP, “dumb dumb” takes on a similar character; playfully talking about how terrible something is.  Mazie’s song “dumb, dumb” does a great job at that juxtaposition, but in a style unique to her.  We saw this in lyrics like “My life is so boring, and so unimportant” from her debut single “no friends.” In the EP,  la la la’s and sing-along feels are paired with lyrics like those.  Even so, mazie has found a way to tilt the playful vibe into one that is also trippy and intoxicating.  Almost like what it would be like to experience elementary school as a 20-something.

Her purposeful visuals for the EP

Additionally, mazie’s overall visual concept for her “the rainbow cassette” era is something else to appreciate.  The creation of visuals that match the production in her songs, and the feelings she evoked in vocals is something that deserves credit.  Certainly, mazie has done that between the album cover of the project, her looks on Instagram (@heyymazie), and the music videos for her songs.  With a literal sing-along music video for “make believe” and set designs strategically made to look like they are crafted from 7-year-olds in her other videos, mazie’s vision is focused.  The result of such keeps music listeners, like me, enticed, excited, and ready to see what else she does. Mazie "rainbow cassette"

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