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Music Re-Discovery: Anna Shoemaker’s Busy Spring

Anna Shoemaker Releases Second Album Single

You’ve heard it here before, but I’ll say it again. Anna Shoemaker is indie-pop’s next big star. She boasts a discography of syrupy sweet bedroom pop ballads on her two EPs, 2018’s East Side, and 2020’s Everything is Embarrassing.

But her single leading up to her album release signaled a shift into a more sophisticated, rock sound. “Everything is Fine”, the lead single from her debut album is a prime example. Its reverb heavy guitars and poignant songwriting make it a standout track. And in her February single release, “Mariah,” Anna brings this maturity back to her pop wheelhouse for a vengeful anthem.

Anna Takes Inspo from the Songbird Supreme

“Mariah” is an extraordinarily catchy alt-pop track with a skipping beat and a chorus you won’t forget. The song also allows Anna to show off her incredible vocal abilities. On the chorus, she sings, “Now you’re calling ‘baby please’/ Like your Eminem and I’m Mariah / You are such a fucking liar.”

The track is a nod to Mariah Carey and Eminem’s alleged relationship in the early 2000s. Eminem insisted the pair dated. Mariah denied it. Then, she released her 2009 hit “Obsessed” in response, making him look like an infatuated lover boy. That is exactly the type of energy Anna embodies in this track. Anna says, “‘Mariah’ is all the things I wish I said in a really toxic situation”.

About this single, Anna continues, ” ‘Mariah’ is very self-explanatory and maybe that’s why it feels so difficult to put out. I think my favorite thing about writing is being able to sort of create characters to get out my emotions and shitty feelings and keep them far away from me.”

Anna released a music video along with the single, directed by frequent collaborator Josefine Cardoni. Impressively, the music video is shot in one take. “It was terrifying because at the end I literally throw a guitar into the fire, so it was an incredibly high stakes situation,” Anna says of the shoot. Check out the video for “Mariah” below.


The debut album for Anna Shoemaker Everything is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) arrived March 4 via +1 Records. Therefore, check out these previously unreleased tracks: “Until I Die,” “Long Drive Home” and “Sorry All The Time.”

Keep an eye open for more concert dates over the summer here! If you like Anna Shoemaker, let us know in the comments.

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