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George Ezra Drops Funky “Green Green Grass”

English singer-songwriter George Ezra released his new single “Green Green Grass,” following up on “Anyone For You (Tiger Lily).”

“Green Green Grass” is Funky & Danceable

George Ezra is officially back! After four long years of no new music from the artist, he officially made a comeback this year. In January, he released his comeback single “Anyone For You (Tiger Lily),” and now, its follow-up “Green Green Grass” is here.

“Green Green Grass” is a funky, uplifting track that will make you dance as soon as you first hear it – it happened to me, anyway. This is also a song that, as the lyrics say, you will want to play at a party, even if that is your funeral. “She said. Green, green grass. Blue, blue sky. You better throw a party on the day that I die,” George sings in the chorus.

“I was on holiday in St Lucia with a few friends at Christmas 2018, with two of my closest mates from home,” George says. “We were in this beach bar, drinking homemade rum punch and Piton, the local lager, flip-flopping between the two, pissing about with three local guys who worked there. And this music started up, three streets back from the sea.”

“After about half an hour, I had to go see what it was. And there was a street party going on, with three different sound systems, and people cooking in the street. I asked a woman what was going on and she told me it was a funeral – for three people. They were celebrating three lives! I thought: that is not how we do this at home. And it’s really beautiful.”

George Has a New Album & Tour Coming Soon!

“Green Green Grass” is set to appear in George’s forthcoming album Gold Rush Kid, coming out on June 10. Mark your calendars! Also, along with the album, he recently announced a UK arena tour. Check the dates down below and get your tickets here!

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