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Mikaela Davis Releases First Album in 5 Years

Harpist Mikaela Davis and her band Southern Star just released their first-ever album together. It is titled Mikaela Davis and Southern Star. The new album is the singer-songwriter’s first album release in five years. It is also her first release on her new music label Kill Rock Stars.

Introducing Mikaela Davis and Southern Star

Southern Star is made up of drummer Alex Coté, guitarist Cian McCarthy, bassist Shane McCarthy, and pedal steel player Kurt Johnson. These musicians operate as the backing band for Mikaela on tour, as they have done so for over a decade now. Mikaela Davis and Southern Star is the first time all five talented musicians appeared on a record together. The years of chemistry are more than evident on the 9-track release. As the band coasts along the intertwined lines of alternative country, psychedelia, and blues rock, they operate as a tight-knit bunch.

The band is amazing inside and outside the studio. The live performance above is hypnotic, with every member playing their respective instrument beyond its potential. The harp is an inherently beautiful instrument, but it takes a master harpist such as Mikaela to explode past its firm classical music roots and expand its sound to less-than-traditional genres without sounding out of place.

Mikaela is not just a wonderful harpist. Her vocals are just as enchanting, serving not just as a simple vehicle for her lyrics but more as an angelic force that captivates you and guides you into her musical world. Every sound is luscious and soothing, making the listener wish for more.

Mikaela and the Southern Star band are on tour, hitting Phoenix, Arizona, on August 11th, and continuing on until October 27th in Bloomington, Indiana. For 10 of those shows, Mikaela will be supporting the legendary band The Mountain Goats.

The album Mikaela Davis and Southern Star is available on Mikaela’s Bandcamp page.

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