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Louder Than Life Festival Unleashes Metal in Louisville

Louder Than Life, the annual metal and rock festival, returned to Louisville on September 21st. The four-day event welcomed metalheads to the bourbon capital of the United States for music, food, and booze.

This was the eighth annual Louder Than Life. The festival first began in 2014, with only 36,000 in attendance. Last year, 170,000 attended, continuing the streak of breaking the record each time. The event is a major player in Louisville’s economy, as music, food, and booze are primary reasons for tourist visits.

Though music was the main focus of the festival, there were several other offerings as well. A free-to-play 80s-themed arcade was sure to entertain both young and old. Also offered were numerous options for dining on amazing local food. Additionally, this would not be a true festival held in Louisville without more options for bourbon than you know what to do with. Angel’s Envy is a local favorite, but out-of-towners will be happy with whatever they prefer too.

Who Played at Louder Than Life?

Both big-time and up-and-coming acts filled the line-up for the festival. Corey Taylor of Slipknot, the Foo Fighters, Pantera, Green Day, and more played the main stages. Newer acts like Wargasm, Jesus Piece, and Babymetal lit up the smaller stages.

Check out the flyer below.

Several acts are making stops all along the summer and fall festival circuit. For example, many artists also attended the Blue Ridge Rock Festival in Virginia. It’s a great time of the year to see your favorite bands for metalheads out in the country.

The full line-up and schedule are available on the festival’s official website if you want to check out all the artists who played.

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