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Melanie Martinez Announces Portals Tour for 2023

Ethereal pop singer Melanie Martinez announced their Portals 2023 tour. After releasing their first album in over three years, Portals has skyrocketed to the top of Melanie’s discography. About a week ago, the artist announced the deluxe version of her newest album was released. This newest version contains 3 new, unheard tracks: POWER, PLUTO, and MILK OF THE SIREN. Now that the star has announced their tour, fans will get to experience PORTALS (Deluxe) live.

Melanie Martinez character for new album Portals

Portals Tours North America

Portals is Martinez’s evolution from the ever-famous Cry Baby era. The star has hung up the Cry Baby persona and the light pastel aesthetic from her K-12 movie and has embraced their newest form. In a couple months, the artist will begin their first tour since the K-12 tour at the start of the pandemic. Melanie has always been upfront with the intention behind their music, and before this monumental moment begins, they tweeted their most sincere intent:

“I hope the weight of mortality that society has placed on people becomes lighter. I hope grief becomes easier for people while listening to this record. That they can enjoy this life to the fullest knowing that we’re all just here to grow, create, feel, and have shared experiences with one another to help each-other evolve.”

Let’s all keep that in mind as we embrace this new era and sound of Melanie Martinez. Starting May 30th, the star begins the long awaited “Portals” tour.

Melanie Marines announcing Portals tour dates and locations 2023

All versions of Martinez’s “Portals” album is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Stream her music videos on YouTube.

Order you tickets now for the 2023 North America Tour.

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