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Featured Artist Friday: Lindsey Lomis Is Back, Giving Us Her “Universe”

Image Source: Red Light Management / Photo Credit: Anna Koblish

Lindsey Lomis, a 20-year-old singer/songwriter, gives her fans a Universe with her newest soul-pop EP for 2023.

Lindsey Lomis Gives 2023 A Big Bang

20-year-old Lindsey Lomis has just dropped her latest EP, Universe. The singer-songwriter brings listeners this EP after the success and popularity of her last EP—2022’s Daydreaming.

This EP is Lomis’ fourth. It follows after Daydreaming, 2020’s In The Madness, and 2019’s Chapter I.

Lomis worked with music producer Ariza on Universe. Ariza, also known as Juan Ariza, has produced songs for several musicians such as Dua Lipa, Julia Michaels, Shawn Mendes, and Camila Cabello.

Take a look at the tracklist for Lomis’ EP below.

Universe EP Tracklist: 

  1. Universe
  2. Bad News / Good News
  3. This Time (I Don’t Wanna)
  4. Kenny
  5. Seven Days
lindsey lomis 'universe' ep
Image Source: Red Light Management / Photo Credit: Anna Koblish

Lindsey’s Take On The ‘Universe’ EP

In an article from Red Light Management, Lindsey Lomis spoke about her story behind Universe and its creation.

“The Universe EP is a glimpse into young love, momentary flings and experiences that shape you,” Lomis says in the interview. “I learn more about myself from every person I meet and every new experience I share with someone. This year, I allowed myself to really live in the moment and let things happen to me, even if that means I make a mistake along the way. Each of these songs are about different people who have come into my life and given me a new feeling to feel. A new lesson to learn.”

Check out the official music video for the EP’s first song, “Universe,” below.

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