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McKenna Grace Battles Inner Demons On “Ugly Crier”

McKenna Grace is on the music horizon and MusicDaily is here to follow her journey beginning with her latest single “Ugly Crier.”

McKenna Grace. (Instagram @mckennagraceful.) Photographed By: Gus Black
(@splitthemoon On Instagram)

McKenna Grace Breaks Her First Day Streaming Record

Remarkably, the gloomy pop rock anthem marks Grace’s biggest release day yet. She debuts with 100k streams on the first day! “Ugly Crier” is a continuation of a sequel, telling a story of a party McKenna Grace attended. The self deprecating “Post Party Trauma” reveals young McKenna’s inner battles with insecurity and feeling mildly uncomfortable around the drug-and-alcohol-filled environment. “One more night of this post-party trauma / Please stop talking shit I don’t wanna / I’m so sick of the high school drama / I just can’t do, I just can’t do,” McKenna sings.

Furthermore, “Ugly Crier” explores her inner demons and destructive thoughts more in depth. McKenna Grace has not escaped her continuous cycle of envy and jealousy of others. She compares herself to Taylor Swift in the first few lines. “I am a girl who never got into choir / I’m such an ugly crier / I’ll never be Taylor Swift,” Grace sings. 

In “Ugly Crier” Mckenna Grace feels unlovable and inferior to others. She struggles to navigate her own path to reach her full potential, because the obstructive thoughts trap her in a toxic sleepless cycle. Even more, her low self worth and lack of confidence is attributed to her anxiety ridden false thoughts. “The voices in her brain on a megaphone sayin’ / I’m so mediocre, I’m a loser, I’m a joker / I should quit and be a broke girl / Who am I tryna kid? / I’m so mediocre, I don’t measure up to no one / I’m not perfect, I’m a screw up / Who could love me like this?” McKenna is silenced by this overpowering inner voice feeding her lies and self destructive thoughts. 

“Ugly Crier” Visuals

Furthermore, the music video for “Ugly Crier” has already racked up over 300k views. Opening with McKenna Grace getting her face made up, we see her inner struggles unravel. Although she looks put together on the outside, the up-and-coming star is at a constant battle with herself. One scene shows her talking through a megaphone to her reflection in the mirror. Another captures McKenna dumping the glitter out of a glass jar with the words “my potential” written on it. Dolled up in a black and white strapless dress and red lipstick, the singer cries while holding up a mirror looking at herself. And so, we see the self-deprecating lyrics directly reflect in the “Ugly Crier” visuals. 

As of recently, a debut EP could be in the works or arriving soon. It will be interesting to see how her story and self love journey unfold. 

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