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Maneskin: from the streets to the world’s conquest with “I wanna be your slave”

After the surprising victory at the latest edition of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, Maneskin are now in everyone’s mouth. “I wanna be your slave“, included in the second official album “Teatro d’ira – Vol. I“, is certainly one of their greatest successes. The italian group was born only in 2016 and probably never expected to be on the top charts in a lot of countries around the globe. The song is now in the top ten of Italy, USA (hard rock), Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Norway, Ireland, Holland and many others. A global conquest unimaginable before if we think that the guys performed on Rome’s streets only a few years ago.

The track, written in London, has dance characteristics with a strong rock sound. Born from the vocal line, “I wanna be your slave” proceeds with a loop and an obsessive riff. Also strong is the influence of atmospheres of the english clubs, and you can listen to it from the text.
Incredible numbers on all the platforms, the most amazing result is surely the 70th position of Spotify world chart. Impressive also because it never happened a triumph of these dimensions by an italian artist in history. Besides “I wanna be your slave“, also the cover of the 2007 hit “Beggin” is going strong for the band. Presented for the first time on the stage of X Factor Italy, the cover count now on 100.000.000 of clicks.

Quick climb to the success

Talking about X Factor, the band were classified second in 2017 at the italian version of the famous talent show. But then the turning point. On march 2021 the victory of the “Festival di Sanremo” – the most famous italian national competition for singer – and on may the first place at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, that been placed in Rotterdam, Holland.
The Maneskin’s story means a lot for all who don’t believes in the power of music. 4 twenty years old guys with a big passion are now at world’s conquest. Because life is like a marathon, you know how it’s start but don’t how it ends. Maneskin docet.
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