Shakira Makes us “Don’t Wait Up” With Comeback

Colombian superstar Shakira is finally back with new solo music. She released a new catchy English track “Don’t Wait Up.”

It’s Been a While Since We’ve Heard a Solo Shakira Song

“Don’t Wait Up” arrives as Shakira’s first solo project since her 2017 Spanish album El Dorado. Even more shocking, it marks her first English single since her collaboration with Disney for the song “Try Everything,” featured in the 2016 movie Zootopia. 

As we know, the Queen of Latin music is known for her versatility in music when it comes to exploring different genres. “Don’t Wait Up” is certainly no different, as it gives us the sound of a modern-era Shakira. With its electric beats and Shakira’s distinguishable vocals, it’s a track that’s meant to be played at the club.

“I have to say, I’m very nervous because it’s my first English song in a long time. I’ve been focusing on Spanish songs only lately; but this song came about and I’m like, yeah, it’s time,” Shakira told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. “It’s time to do this again and I’m happy, and I’m so inspired right now.”

“I feel that this, it was meant to be. It has been living inside of me in some sort of metaphysical way, and it just sort of materialized,” she shared with People. “But it’s been there for a while. I’ve been looking for the song. I wanted a house song and this song has taken me through so many roads and it has taken me on an adventure, unexpected places.”

The Superstar Catches Some Waves for the Music Video

In the accompanying music video, we can see Shakira catching some waves on the beach and showing her classic dance moves we admire and love in a thrilling choreography. “It was a lot of work,” she told Lowe. “I spent two months preparing this video, finding the right director, talking to him every day on my WhatsApp, every minute of the day. And we were just brainstorming the whole time. Those scenes of me riding those waves, it was at two in the morning. From two to five in the morning, three hours in the water.”

Listen to Shakira’s English comeback “Don’t Wait Up” out now!

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