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MD Discovery: Reneé Rapp

If you’re a Tiktok and pop music addict, it’s very likely that you have already heard of Reneé Rapp. But, in case you haven’t, let us introduce you to her.

Let us introduce you to Reneé Rapp, an actress and singer-songwriter currently starring on HBO MAX's "The Sex Lives of College Girls."
Renee Rapp. Photo: Twitter- @reneerapp

Reneé Rapp – From Broadway To TV Star

Reneé Rapp is an actress and singer-songwriter from North Carolina. Her first true passion has been acting ever since she was in high school. And it didn’t take long for big producers to lay an eye on her. In 2019, she was selected to take over the part of Regina George in the Broadplay play Mean Girls, which she performed in until 2020. Not too long after, she got recruited for the HBO MAX series The Sex Lives of College Girls in 2021. And she currently is still working on the series. Have you seen this show?

Last December, Reneé Rapp would join her cast mates of The Sex Lives of College Girls for a cute, fun interview with Glamour. The girls took a friendship test, where they revealed how they first met one another and what their first impressions of each other. We can see that the girls are actually friends in real life, as they share stories that they have together since they met. Take a look at it down below!

Her Music Career Had A Big Start

After having her big streaming service debut, she went on to follow her music career. In June 2022, Reneé Rapp would release her debut single “Tattoos,” which ended up going viral on social media. It had people wondering who this new girl was. Well, now you know that she wasn’t such a newbie! 

Later on, in November, she would unveil her debut EP Everything to Everyone, including a total of seven songs. They were all solo tracks from Reneé; no features whatsoever. The EP, once again, let the world know that Reneé Rap was here to stay, and that this was her true destiny. Currently, her most popular song on Spotify is “In the Kitchen,” standing at over 13 million streams on that platform alone. 

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